2009-H1 – Programme – Spring

Programme Spring 2009

The Minimum Boat – Sam Llewellyn

Sam Llewellyn has written many sailing thrillers. His PBO column The Minimum Boat advocates a back-to-basics style of sailing well adapted to the times. He is currently working on the Dazed Kipper Manual, a work of instruction that he describes as ‘the blind leading the blind.’ !

Dances with Whales and Weather – John Apps

Club member John Apps describes large items he met when he took part in the Jester Azores Challenge in 2008 including Sperm Whales, Ultra Large Crude Carriers and Mountains. He will also describe the progress of a ‘typical’ ocean storm from first sign of its approach until it’s all over.

Sailing in the Caribbean – Richard Snell and Martin Alexander

Following five charter yacht holidays in the island groups of the British Virgin Islands, St Vincent/Mustique/Grenadines, St Maarten/ St Barts/Anguilla and the Abacos, club members Richard Snell and Martin Alexander will highlight aspects, good and not so good, of chartering, and navigation and key anchorages in these areas.

Classic Yachts through the Camera Lens – Kathy Mansfield.

Professional marine photographer Kathy returns with stunning images from the 2007 Celebration of the Centenary of the Metre Class which spawned such impressive yachts as the Americas Cup Boats.

A Fleeting View of the Black Sea – Doreen and Archie Annan.

Hon Club members Doreen and Archie recount with photos their experiences and curious incidents during preparation of their yachtmens’ pilot ‘Cruise the Black Sea’.

Meandering through the Midi – Don and Jacky Wark

Don & Jacky, Sailing Today contributors, took the lazy way from Honfleur to the Med in their 29ft Snapdragon then on to Biscay along the Midi & Garonne canals. They will share this relaxing but fascinating experience.

Saturday Special – Boat Electrics
A Day with Art Butler

Art is the owner and “hands-on” specialist of a yacht electrics and electronics company based on the East Coast. He will bring us right up to date on current issues and give some guidance on choosing equipment as well as doing our own installation, fault finding, wiring maintenance and repairs.

Overlord – Bob Hazell

Past Commodore of the Offshore Cruising Club Bob Hazell outlines the history of Windfall Yachts and illustrates some of “Overlord’s” past cruises and future sailing plans.

A Passion for the Sea – Jimmy Cornell

In the last 35 years, Jimmy has sailed 200,000 miles, including 3 circumnavigations and 2 voyages to Antarctica. He will talk about planning an offshore voyage: to the Med, across the Atlantic or right round the world, with a detour to Antarctica.

Holly’s circumnavigation of Britain in 1994 – Peter Poole

Member Peter Poole set off in June with the intention of seeing as much as possible. Holly, his Nicholson 32, went round Britain including most of Orkney in 11 weeks with mainly good weather, lots of wonderful experiences and meeting many interesting people.

AGM – followed by Cruising to Hell and Back – Rod Paton

Rod Paton describes where things went badly wrong on cruises in the Baltic and across the Atlantic – and tries to draw sensible conclusions.

Annual Dinner at Beaconsfield Golf Club



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