Membership Application Process

  1. Please apply online using the form below. 
  2. After we have processed your form, you will receive an email with payment instructions and next steps (usually, just payment).
  3. When all the steps have been completed, you will receive another email with your Website login details. You will be a full member, and you will receive the normal communications of a “Full Member”.

There are two classes of membership:

  1. Family: For the primary member, and partner living at the same address (cost is £55 per annum)
  2. Single: For an individual (cost is £40 per annum)

People joining & paying after March 31st receive complementary membership for the Summer, and inclusion in the Summer Season events (usually Trips, Walks, Meet-ups, and Sailing Rallies)

Most of our members pay by Standing Order.  When you have completed the form, we will display a standing order form that you can print off and bring along to a meeting, or submit directly to your bank.

Please complete the details, below.  We will email you the next steps that you complete.

Membership year runs October 1st – September 30th. Family membership is for two people living at the same address
Common name – eg “Bob”, “Andy”, “Jennie”, “Shelley”
Address, Postcode, etc.
If you have a boat (of any description), please complete these details…
If you have a boat (of any description), please let us know some details: Type (Sloop, Motor, Dinghy, etc.) Make, Model, LOA, Beam, Draught, Home Port/Lake.
Your Nautical experience? Any special interests or skills? Anything that you would like to tell us?
Should we share your details with members, using the club’s members-only tools?