Extensions – That We Could Use

Joomla Extensions We Might Be Interested In

Potential extensions that could be of use to GXSA

Here is a short list of some extensions that I’ve found that we might use

Group Extension Page Website Notes How I like it (score)
Multiple   JoomlaCK

Parent website with lots of cool extensions

I particularly like their media highlights and ability to show complex menus.

I’m not convinced that we have a use for these, at this time

Contact Forms


Provides a “Contact Us” form, that forwards the details to a list of people

Free version is limited to 5 fields (not many)

    EXT QUick Contact Form

Neat, simple contact form

 Menu    Cinch Menu

 COllapsing and Expanding menus.  Very neat, clear

Although the tooling is great, the demos look a bit retro (eg. square corners to boxes)

Might be possible to change the box format, but I’ve not investigated it yet

 Menu   Art Total Menu Light  Quite attractive menu system, with several perspectives  4
 Menu   Ninja Accordian Menu

 Very dynamic acordian menu

Might get quite annoying if used a lot, as the webpage will be VERY dynamic

Menu     Art Wijmo Menu

 Simple, clear cascading menu

Not very high-tech, but intuitive, and concise

 Menu    EXT Matic Menu  Very similar to teh ProtoStart default menu, but dropdowns are more immediate, and work without clicking  3
 Gallery   Art Sexy Lightbox Lite

 Really cool Lightbox.

Only works as a module, but this would be sufficient fo our current need.

Shows thumbnails for all the photos at once (a big list).  CLicking one brings up the lightbox to scroll through the pictures in large format.

The Paid version is even better

 Technical  Expires Headers  

 Manages global cache parameters for the webpages

Sets HTTP Headers

Menu   ARI YUI Menu

Neat cascading menu, with scrolling lists for long menus

Apparently (according to a reviewer) not much scope for changing the style, so downgraded

 Forms  Form Maker Lite  

Really flexible tool for managing forms and form submissions

Form Submissions are viewed in the back end

I’m not sure if there is a front-end component allowing users to see submissions


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