2024 Rally to Poole – Saturday July 5th – 8th

Announcing GXSA’s third Rally of the Summer Season. Please reserve your place, etc. via email to info@gxsa.org.uk

Poole Harbour at Sunset

Following on from last years successful rally to Poole & Lymington, we’ve decided on a near-identical re-run !! Why change a successful formula ?!

A three (or four) day event for those people prepared to try something a little further afield.

We’re going to Poole (harbour), amongst other places !!!

The plan is roughly:

  • Friday 5th July (optional) – Rendezvous at Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Skippers can make their own way to Yarmouth and get a berth on Yarmouth’s normal First Arrival basis.
    I expect that that crews may like to party beforehand… We usually do!!
    Dinner will be in one (or more) of the hosteltries in Yarmouth.
  • Saturday 6th July – Rendezvous at the anchorage South East of Furzey Island, South of Brownsea Island.
    Dinner will be shared on-board – we’re working out exactly how this will happen. We’ll share the cooking (volunteers welcome) and cram onto 2 or 3 of the larger boats to eat. In 2023 we demonstrated that it can be done, and everyone really enjoyed it….”better than eating in a resataurant“.
  • Sunday 7th July – We have a Rally Booking on the Dan Bran pontoon at Lymington.
    There will be a Pontoon Party, followed by Dinner at the Lymingon Yacht Haven Restaurant. The menu is seasonal, and changes weekly, dependant on what’s available. A typical menu is available here. We’re eating from their a-la-carte menu ordering when we arrive at the restaurant, or pre-booking…it depends which chef you ask! Things will become clear as the date approaches!!
  • Monday 8th July – We’ll start the day with a walk ashore, then after lunch make our way back to our home ports.
Anchoring South East of Furzey Island. If the weather is kind to us, we will probably raft under under fore & aft anchor.

If you’d like to come along:

  • Skippers – Please confirm your boat and plans by email. Who will be in your crew? Do you intend to join us Friday evening? Any other plans.
  • No Boat? – Let us know if you’d like to come along: Use the email. We can usually find a kindly skipper who can offer you a berth.

If you have any questions, please email info@gxsa.org.uk.

Signup to the Summer events usiing the form below:


Stuart Gaunt


5 July @ 8:00 AM 8 July @ 5:00 PM BST


Saturday July 6th
Tides @ Portsmouth

Poole Harbour

Sunday July 7th
Tides @ Poole Harbour


£25 (TBC) per person, to include:

  • 3 x Pontoon Parties
  • 1 x on-board dinner.

NB: We’ll probably recalculate at the end to determine the final price.


  • Food and drink on Friday in Yarmouth & Lymington
  • A la carte dinner at the restaurant in Lymington (or if we have to pre-book)


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