2011-H2 – Programme – Autumn

Programme Autumn 2011

Unique Hurtigruten – Lucy Hone

From the Norwegian Shipping Company, a history of Hurtigruten and where they go: Norway, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Antarctica, illustrated talk with superb photos. 2011 has been declared the Nansen – Amundsen year in Norway to honour the two polar explorers.

Qwyver Travels On – John Andrews and Freda Haylett

John and Freda return to tell us about the next part of their voyage, from New Zealand to Brazil via Australia and South Africa.

White Nights in the Baltic – Douglas Addison

Starting from Turku in Finland and sailing around the Northern Baltic, including Latvia, Estonia and Sweden, Douglas discovered windmills, painted wooden houses, Orthodox Churches, Lutheran Cathedrals ….and saunas

Cruising the Wild West – Robert Fellowes

Spitzbergen or west coast of Ireland? Robert will describe his cruise to either Ireland or Spitsbergen depending on whether he managed to get to Spitsbergen during the summer of 2011!

National Historic Ships Society – Martyn Heighton

Martyn Heighton, Director, National Historic Ships will tell us about vessels currently on the National Register of Historic Vessels and the Historic Fleet, problems they face and the solutions the National Register is planning to achieve.

The Plimsoll Line – Nicolette Jones

What inspired the London Transport logo, banished coffin-ships and saved thousands of sailors lives? The story of an MP’s campaign to improve the lot of sailors – battling ship owners and parliament, who were more interested in profits than sailors’ lives.

The RYA: the best possible Life Sentence – James Stevens

We welcome back James Stevens, recently retired as head of RYA training and examining to reminisce on his long career with them, and his thoughts on the changing world of sailing.

GXSA MasterClass On Ocean Sailing

Acknowledged expert and well known author Jimmy Cornell provides a unique insight. This is an open meeting organised by GXSA. Members of other clubs and the RYA Thames Valley section are invited to join us. 

Further details and booking arrangements will be posted on the home page as they emerge

Sydney to Hobart Race 2006 – Charles Sandison

A Father and Sons race “down under”. Charles will explain the history of the race and his preparations in the UK, together with the build up in Sydney and the race itself.

Traditional Boatbuilding on the Thames – Colin Henwood

Colin is one of a new generation of Thames Boatbuilders who are continuing the traditions of restoring, maintaining and building elegant Thames craft. His enthusiasm, together with stunning photographs of some of the finest boats on the Thames, make his talk interesting for us all.

Cast Off for Christmas

More entertaining stories from members about their year′s sailing experiences plus mince pies and seasonal refreshments.

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