Wednesday 16th February

John Apps

The Big Tow 

Minke without rudder being towed by Good Report on a beam reach


John successfully completed the 2021 Jester Azores Challenge, sailing single handed to the Azores. Unusually for the Jester Challenge, all the boats that crossed the start line finished (but not all under their own sail power..).

This Jester Challenge posed a number of questions. Should you abandon a perfectly good boat in the middle of the North Atlantic just because she has lost her rudder? How far can you sail a boat without a rudder? How far can you tow a boat under sail? What do you do when you can’t find the boat you are trying to rescue? Why do Frenchmen keep crossing the finish first? Can cows win a war? Why is Azores beef thrice blessed? These are some of the questions that John Apps will answer in his illustrated talk.

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