Wednesday 14th February

Royal Navy

What your Navy is doing – and why it matters !




The Royal Navy Presentation Team of  Officers, Sailors and Royal Marines tour the country explaining the role and the importance of the Royal Navy. They will describe how the Navy is organised, why the UK needs the Royal Navy and how the Navy promotes and protects our interests abroad.

We will learn about Task Groups, the different types of operations around the globe and the enduring set of standards, values, customs and traditions associated with the Royal Navy. With the new aircraft carriers arriving, we can take a brief look into what the future holds for the Royal Navy.   At the end of the presentation, there will be the opportunity to ask questions of the team, all of whom have had recent frontline experience.


John Apps

Saved from the RNLI



If you are entering the Western Approaches with a fuel tank with salt water in it and salt water therefore in your engine fuel system (and also in your sump), why would you call out the RNLI just because it is blowing a gale? All you have to do is find a quiet anchorage to fix the problem…  Why put the Penlee lifeboat at risk again?

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