Wednesday 31st January

Bob and Elaine Hazell

Sailing the Indian Ocean


Bob and Elaine return to tell us about crossing the Indian Ocean in their yacht and successfully completing their circumnavigation in the Caribbean. They will focus on the sailing aspects of their adventures, their chosen route, and take in some of the many high spots together with unforeseen low points.  What can and did go wrong will be covered in this gripping talk, including how they recovered and lessons learnt. 

From Thailand their route took them via Sri Lanka and the Maldives to Chagos, and then the Seychelles, Madagascar, Mozambique, S Africa, St Helena, Brazil, Iles du Salut and Grenada. 

Bob & Elaine are using this story as a method of raising funds for the RNLI; a collection will be made on the evening, which we hope you will support.


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