Programme Spring 2017

Talks begin at 8.15pm, bar and coffee open from 7.30pm

Peter Bruce

Heavy Weather Sailing

Peter Bruce is a well known author having published books such as Solent Hazards, Solent and Island Tidal Streams and a newly updated 7th edition of Heavy Weather Sailing. We look forward to learning how to deal with it and hope never to need the knowledge.  More details

Wednesday January 18th

Chris Tarratt

A History of Time

Chris is a retired jeweller with an abiding interest in the History of Time. He is a keen offshore yachtsman and has taught Navigation. Chris will tell us about the measurement of time over the years and how this has affected those who travel on the oceans.  More details

Wednesday January 25th

Richard and Cathy Brown

A Stockholm Adventure

Journalists Richard and Cathy have sailed round Britain and cruised the French Atlantic coast and north west Spain in their yacht Brave. Tonight they will tell us about equipping their new boat and sailing her in the stunning Stockholm Archipelago.   More details

Wednesday February 1st

Kevin Patience

Scapa Flow – Salvaging the German Imperial Navy

Kevin looks at some naval battles between Britain and Germany, the salvaging of 32 scuttled German warships and Scapa Flow as it is today. He uses contemporary photographs from  Ernest Cox, who led the difficult task, and newsreel from the 1920s and 30s.  More details

Wednesday February 8th

Philip Holt

Donald Campbell – Across the Lake

Phil will review the life of Donald Campbell, the only man to hold both the world land and water speed records in the same year. A behind the scenes look at that fateful day in January 1967 on Coniston Water to find the cause of the crash and a look at the current recovery of both Bluebird and Donald himself.   More details

Wednesday February 15th

Richard Thomas

The Story of the Panama Canal

Richard will cover the four centuries of endeavour that started with Christopher Columbus in 1502 to build transport links across the 50-mile isthmus at Panama. The story culminates with the opening of the Panama Canal in 1914, and the 21st century improvements.  More details

Wednesday February 22nd

Commodore Gerry Thwaites RN

The Royal Yacht – a bygone era

Commodore Thwaites served 34 years in the Royal Navy, much of it in Submarines.  In the early 90s he was appointed Senior Engineer of the Royal Yacht Britannia. This talk looks into the day to day life on board “The Yacht” serving the Royal Family.   More details

Wednesday March 1st

Rick Lawrence

2015/16 Round the World Clipper Race

Rick will talk about his once in a life-time experiences on Garmin, one of the twelve 15/16 Round the World Clipper yachts. He raced through hurricanes and freezing conditions. Over 12,000 miles from China to Seattle and on to New York via Panama.    More details

Wednesday March 8th

Dr Chris Willard

Birds of the Solent

Chris, a bird watcher from the age of 8 and keen sailor, has lived half a mile from the Western Solent shore for 40 years.   He will introduce us to the wonderful range of  birds which might be seen anywhere along the 48 miles of Solent Shores.  More details

Wednesday March 15th

AGM, followed by

Review of the Year and a look forward to the coming sailing season and events.

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