Wednesday 5th December

Stuart Gaunt

The Defensive Towers of England



Over the past 2000 years, Britain has been attacked by all our nautical neighbours, including Spain, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and America.  Sometimes these threats have been internal, with rebellions and uprising quite common within these shores.

The sea has usually been our first line of defence, offering a significant barrier to anybody that would invade or do us harm.

Over the years this has become less and less significant, so it’s been necessary for us to look further, to achieve better warnings and more time to muster our defences whenever we have been attacked, or under threat of attack.

Stuart looks at 2000 years of history, taking a look at each of the major phases of Tower Building.  Why were the towers built and what did they aim to achieve?  With an emphasis on the back-story we will get an understanding of what shaped our defences, and the weaponry threats and politics that they defended against.

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