Secretary’s Duties

GXSA Secretary – Annual Duties

Ongoing Duties


  • It’s useful to have a personal mailing list for the Committee Members, so you can easily send email to all the Committee without forgetting people


  • Weekly: Monitor inbox
    • Usually just
      • New Member requests
      • Notices from weekly announcements being published (move these to a spare folder – delete occasionally)
      • A bit of spam
  • Sometimes we get members not receiving email – usually this is because they can’t find the email in their email system.
    • Usual Secretary response is to look in the AcyMailing Detailed Statistics and tell the member exactly when  we think they should have received the email, and forward your own copy of the notice
    • This usually makes the problem go away
    • FYI, AcyMailing can (for some people) track when they opened the email (shown in Detailed Statistics).  Sometimes they’ve already opened their email, but forgotten !!!
      • It uses a tiny image hyperlink to track which emails have been opened.  The image is unique to each email/user so it tracks when this image is accessed
      • NB: If you forward your own message somewhere else, you will be tagged as having opened it 🙂


New members should complete the membership form on the website Joining GXSA

  • Maintain the Membership list (in Excel)
  • Transcribe new member details to Excel
  • Remove retired members
  • Make changes as appropriate
  • Prnt name-badges for new members & Committee joiners/leavers

Backup Dropbox Folders

Good idea to keep backups !!  Once (one time only) a Committee Member used a PC with a Ransoware Virus that encrypted all our documents – very nasty.  Fortunately, we had a full backup, so the evetn was not too serious.  This is why we will not give access to Dropbox to anybody that will not testify to having a current Anti-Virus software installation.  It’s also why we take backups !!!

  • Periodically (you decide when..probably monthly, but little changes, so less often may be OK), take a full backup of the GXSA Dropbox folders.  This is what I do (using 7-Zip):
    • Open Windows File Manager
    • Find the GXSA Committee folder
    • Right Click the GXSA Committee folder
    • Click 7-Zip –> Add to archive
    • Choose a new name and target location
    • Click OK
  • 7-Zip will create a compressed backup of the entire Committee folder.
  • Upload the ZIP file to the Website (I use WinSCP to FTP the file to  Just keep a virus-safe copy on the server, for safe-keeping.

Committee Meetings

  • Take Minutes
  • With Chairman:
    • Arrange dates (with Chairman)
    • Create Agenda
    • Review & Confirm Minutes
    • Publish Minutes to Comittee Members
  • Save Agenda, Minutes, Finance, etc. into the Dropbox folder for each committee meeting


  • Throughout the year, note anything that needs to be discussed at the AGM.  Add a note to these in the AGM folder of the Committee Meetings on Dropbox – saves you having to remember it later.
  • Same as a normal Committee Meeting.  Just a bit more formal
  • Help Chairman with formalities
  • Count any Show of Hands
  • Record new committee members, etc.
  • Afterwards
    • Zip & Send all the Committee Meeting details for the year to the Independant Examiner (that’s why you save it monthly, as you’re going along.  Saves a lot of effort & worry if it’s just there, ready to go) 

Committee Members

  • When new Committee Members Join or Leave
    • Request Photo for the website
    • Ask Website Content Manager to make appropriate changes 

Annual Dinner

  • Request a Toast to GXSA (as per runnign order)


  • Maintain this list of duties
  • Annually, make sure Committee Members page is correct (ask Website Content Manager to make appropriate changes)


  • Maintain the list of Key Holders for the locker in Colston Hall (should just be Committee Members)
  • Make sure ex-members hand them back
  • Pass keys to new members


We’re an RYA affiliated organisation.  Our Secretary acts as the liaison with the RYA.

  • The RYA Annual Census of Clubs comes out, and they ask us to complete a pretty simple online form about our activities an membership.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

GX Community Centre

  • Liason with GXCA is really between the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and anybody else that we can rope in that lives locally to GX !!  Officially, it seems to be the Treasurer and the Secretary that do most.  The Treasurer pays bills, and the Secretary does other stuff.
  • Annually, reconfirm with the GXCA Office which dates we will be having meetings, and therefore which dates we need the hall.  One time in the past, GXCA made a mistake and allocated one of our dates to a wedding.  They had booked a year in advance and we hadn’t notified GXCA in time.  It was sorted out, but was quite troublesome.
  • We now have a spreadsheet that calculates our Wednesday meetings 10 years in advance !!!  We publish this annually to GXCA to pencil us in for those dates.  Only in Covid days have we changed things.

Webmaster Duties

These are not Secretary Duties; they’re just what Stuart does, optentially confusing them with Secretary Duties.

Backup Website

The hosting organisation (currently take daily backups.  However, these are probably only good for complete recovery of content….although it’s difficult to see when this would NOT be the ONLY recovery option that we want.

UnlimitedWebHosing Management (UWH)

I’m not certain whichs role I do this under !!  I magine that I will contnue with this role.

The website is currently in my name, with UWH, so I get all the emails, and manage the interraction.  They have an exremely helpful support organisation.

Annual costs are roughly:

Hosting £37.50

Domain Name ( £5.99

VAT @ 20%

SSL Certificates

The free SSL Certificate that UK2 manage expires monthly.  There’s an automatic process that installs the SSL for each site we have.

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