2013-H1 – Programme – Spring

Programme Autumn 2013

January 9th


Child of the Sea – Doina Cornell

Based on her book ‘Child of the Sea’; Doina sailed around the world with her parents. She will paint an intimate portrait of family life on board a small yacht in the bygone era of low-tech cruising and travelling far off the beaten track to Pacific islands that even now few yachts visit.

January 16th

A Caribbean experience – Ray Bridges

Since arriving in the Caribbean on board ‘Sonar’ in time for Christmas 2009, Ray has set up a base in Grenada and spent three seasons there exploring these exotic cruising grounds. Good sailing and plenty of warm, sunny pictures to help cheer up a dark winter’s evening.

January 23rd

From Sadler to Starlight – Nigel Thomas

Nigel, President of the Sadler and Starlight Owners Association and one time Chairman of GXSA, looks at the history of the various companies and the popular range of Sadler and Starlight yachts from the first Sadler 25s and 32s via the Barracuda and ‘Howards Way’ to the most recent Sadler 290.

January 30th

On top of the World: studying the Arctic Ocean – Helen Johnson

The Canadian Arctic Archipelago connects the Arctic Ocean to the Atlantic. University of Oxford Scientist Helen will describe recent research expeditions to the region as well as current understanding of the ocean circulation and its role in global climate.

February 6th

Circumnavigation of Sweden – Roger Mustoe

Roger lived for four years in Norway in a house with a mooring; it just needed a sailing boat. Two summers were then spent sailing from Sweden to Norway and back. A tale of endless days, endless gale force winds, a broken engine, a bent prop shaft and … some sailing

February 13th

From Oars to Jet Propulsion – Jeff Carter

A technical history of the lifeboat from the earliest known on in the UK to the latest RNLI boats in development. Jeff is an engineer and provides a unique perspective on the significant advances made over the years.

February 20th

From City Streets of the Open Seas – Nick Beck

A jovial tale of how two city workers came to find themselves building the 44 foot Pilot Cutter ‘Amelia Rose’ and founded Topsail Adventures. The boat also featured in ITV’s “Hungry Sailors” programme so this talk should be a feast for all tastes!

February 27th

All About Ropes – Julian Tucker

Julian Tucker managing Director of English Braids, will tell us about the history of the company, different types of ropes, how they are made and conclude with some enlightening demonstrations of various types of rope splicing.

March 6th

Vagabond wanders round Britain – Rob Johnstone

Sometime in 2010, GXSA member Rob thought it would be a good idea to buy an old boat, do her up and sail round Britain before the Zimmer took pride of place in his home. The reality is both different and fascinating – come along and hear the actual story.

March 13th

AGM followed by a film presentation: 
‘Keep Turning Left’ – Dylan Winter

An interesting, amusing and original view of sailing on the East Coast and Norfolk Broads in a (very) small boat.

Saturday 13th April

Annual Dinner – Beaconsfield Golf Club

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