Unique Hurtigruten - Lucy Hone

From the Norwegian Shipping Company, a history of Hurtigruten and where they go: Norway, Spitsbergen, Greenland and Antarctica, illustrated talk with superb photos. 2011 has been declared the Nansen – Amundsen year in Norway to honour the two polar explorers.

Qwyver Travels On - John Andrews and Freda Haylett

John and Freda return to tell us about the next part of their voyage, from New Zealand to Brazil via Australia and South Africa.

White Nights in the Baltic - Douglas Addison

Starting from Turku in Finland and sailing around the Northern Baltic, including Latvia, Estonia and Sweden, Douglas discovered windmills, painted wooden houses, Orthodox Churches, Lutheran Cathedrals ....and saunas

Cruising the Wild West - Robert Fellowes

Spitzbergen or west coast of Ireland? Robert will describe his cruise to either Ireland or Spitsbergen depending on whether he managed to get to Spitsbergen during the summer of 2011!

National Historic Ships Society - Martyn Heighton

Martyn Heighton, Director, National Historic Ships will tell us about vessels currently on the National Register of Historic Vessels and the Historic Fleet, problems they face and the solutions the National Register is planning to achieve.

The Plimsoll Line - Nicolette Jones

What inspired the London Transport logo, banished coffin-ships and saved thousands of sailors lives? The story of an MP's campaign to improve the lot of sailors - battling ship owners and parliament, who were more interested in profits than sailors' lives.

The RYA: the best possible Life Sentence - James Stevens

We welcome back James Stevens, recently retired as head of RYA training and examining to reminisce on his long career with them, and his thoughts on the changing world of sailing.

GXSA MasterClass On Ocean Sailing

Acknowledged expert and well known author Jimmy Cornell provides a unique insight. This is an open meeting organised by GXSA. Members of other clubs and the RYA Thames Valley section are invited to join us. 

Further details and booking arrangements will be posted on the home page as they emerge

Sydney to Hobart Race 2006 - Charles Sandison

A Father and Sons race “down under”. Charles will explain the history of the race and his preparations in the UK, together with the build up in Sydney and the race itself.

Traditional Boatbuilding on the Thames - Colin Henwood

Colin is one of a new generation of Thames Boatbuilders who are continuing the traditions of restoring, maintaining and building elegant Thames craft. His enthusiasm, together with stunning photographs of some of the finest boats on the Thames, make his talk interesting for us all.

Cast Off for Christmas

More entertaining stories from members about their year′s sailing experiences plus mince pies and seasonal refreshments.

Autumn 2012

Ruffling the Parrot's Feathers: 
10,000 miles across the Pacific – John Apps

Accomplished long distance sailor, 3 times Jester Atlantic Challenge competitor and GXSA member, John Apps describes his 2011 voyage from the Caribbean to Australia in his usual entertaining style.

New England Sailing – Roger Shaw

Tales of sailing from Long Island Sound out to Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and Nantucket over seven years, including how to avoid a US submarine in fog and many other stories.

Cruising in the Adriatic – Stuart Bradley

Stuart Bradley and his crew have spent four seasons cruising the area from Venice to Dubrovnik along the Croatian coast and islands – “ the Mediterranean as it used to be”.

Rowing the Atlantic in support of Human Rights – Debbie Beadle

Remarkable story of how Debbie Beadle lead a record breaking 45 day rowing boat Atlantic crossing last winter. Many problems but determination and resilience saw them through. Debbie manages the Youth Programme at a leading children’s rights charity and the trip was devised to raise awareness about child trafficking.

Marine Accident Investigation – Nick Hance

Inspector of Marine Accidents, Nick Hance will describe how the MAIB investigates accidents in merchant ships, small commercial vessels and in leisure craft. Example cases, including recent investigations, will be instructive and raise issues for discussion.

Adventures in the Ice – Dick Turnbull

Sailor, climber and retailer, Dick Turnbull will describe his trip from Oban to Spitzbergen. In addition to the sailing, Dick scaled some of the Lofoten mountains. There were some hair raising moments escaping from an ice pack, assisted by an ice breaker.

Sailing down the Danube in Sea Griffin – Neil Lynn

Taking a boat through the heart of historic Europe from the Baltic to the Black Sea over two sailing seasons. Locks and dams, impressions of the journey, the oddities, people, the history but most of all the interest.

The Making of a Yachtsman’s Pilot – Dick Holness

Dick is co-author of East Coast Pilot, the definitive guide to East Coast creeks and backwaters. How did the Pilot come about and how it is kept up to date? Interesting local stories and ideas about the future role of such publications in the electronic age.

The Shetland Bus – Stephen Howarth

Stephen’s father David was in day to day operational command of the SOE unit that transported secret agents and weapons between the Shetland Isles and occupied Norway during the winter months of 1940⁄1945. His 1951 book ‘the Shetland Bus’ is still selling steadily today.

Cast Off for Christmas

More entertaining stories from members about their year’s sailing experiences plus mince pies and seasonal refreshments.
October 9th

Circle Line: Around London in a small boat – Steffan Meyric Hughes

In 2009, Steffan sailed and rowed a dinghy around London, writing an entertaining and best-selling book about his experiences in 2012. Hear Steffan talk about this voyage, and some of the other adventures and mishaps in eight years of yachting journalism.

Wed 9th Oct 2013 : Steffan Meyric Hughes

October 16th

Portsmouth and Southampton: a maritime contrast
Graham Horn

Graham Horn explores the history of merchant port Southampton and premier Naval base Portsmouth, delves into their rivalries and reveals why they came to take on such different roles. Whether it is shipbuilding, trade, defence or football, Portsmouth and Southampton have had a long rivalry. Some 2,000 years in fact. Blue badge Guide Graham will get you to think of the area in a new light when next sailing in the Solent.

Wed 16 Oct 2013 : Graham Horn

October 23rd

A Life Under and Over the Waves – 
Stephen Golliker

Growing up in South Africa sailing dinghies, Stephen has since sailed in submarines for the South African navy, sailed through time on a historical re-enactment in the Bartolomeu Dias, sailed on the Olympics first 49er racing circuit and covered developments in ocean racing.

Wed 23 Oct 2013 : Stephen Golliker

October 30th

Cruising to the Outer Hebrides – 
Roger Oliver

Sailing author and contributor to PBO, Roger has written valuable guides to sailing around the UK. Here he describes part of a recent cruise, focussing on the east of Ireland, via Tobermory to Castle Bay in Barra and to Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.

November 6th

U-boats, Giant Waves and Climate Change –
Isabel Ansorge

A return visit by Dr Ansorge (University of Cape Town) reporting on the brand new Agulhas II research vessel and her Antarctic trials. Isabel will describe new insights into unusual ocean currents, giant waves along the African coasts and climate change developments.

November 13th

All about Ropes – Justin Jones

Justin Jones is Marine Manager at English Braids and will tell us about the history of the company, different types of ropes and how they are made. The evening will conclude with entertaining demonstrations of various types of rope splicing.

November 20th

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash – Martin Thomas

Accomplished sailor, surgeon and former OCC Commodore, Martin Thomas describes naval traditions and medicine in the age of sail. Scurvy, amputation, surgery at sea, the press gang and the death of Nelson. Not for the squeamish but certainly an interesting evening...

November 27th

Caribbean Cruising without a budget – 
John Gorrie

GXSA member John reports on the pleasures of sailing last winter on the ‘Wind Star’ a four-masted 110m sailing yacht. Large beds, flat-screen TV, gourmet cuisine, casino, library, pool and hot tub - all sounds a bit different from our normal GXSA rallies but good to learn how the other half live.

December 4th

Sailing and boat maintenance - Vyv Cox

Vyv Cox is a mechanical engineer, metallurgist, contributor to Yachting Monthly and keen photographer, who has sailed extensively in cruising yachts. Vyv will share his expertise on yacht maintenance and engineering problems, and describe his cruising in the Mediterranean.

December 11th

Cast Off for Christmas

More entertaining stories from members about their year’s sailing experiences plus mince pies and seasonal refreshments.

Spring 2007

The Baltic via the Waddenzee and Wattfahrwassers

Club members Reg & Chris Hadwen tell of sailing their Southerly 110 through the drying channels of the Frisian and Friesian Islands on their way to the Baltic.

Jester Challenge - Transatlantic Race

Club member John Apps will share his coastal and ocean sailing experiences including weather prediction methods and his challenges in Glayva, a UFO27, during the 2006 single-handed race from which 80% of the boats retired due to bad weather.

Roscoff to La Rochelle

Club members Phil & Jill Snowden sailed to La Rochelle in 2004 intending to return in 2005. They are still there and will show us some of the delights of Western France.

Jane Slade: Inspiration for Daphne du Maurier's first novel

Helen Doe, maritime historian, author and lecturer, tells the truth behind the fiction about three generations of seafarers and shipbuilders who were dominated by one remarkable woman and her ship.

The Cruising Association Victory Rally around Britain

Douglas Addison talks about his part solo sail round Britain in his 31 ft. ketch in the Cruising Association 2005 Victory Rally, in the 200th anniversary year of Trafalgar.

Sailing with Gipsy Moth IV on the East Coast of Australia

Jeremy Graham will tell of his experiences as a watch leader for a few weeks on Gipsy Moth IV in summer 2006 with a crew of disadvantaged children.

A Cruise to the Magical Fjords of Norway

Club member Peter Poole sails from Birdham via Lowestoft, returning via Orkney, West Scotland and Ireland - all in six weeks and only two gales.

Mutiny, Murder & Mayhem: the 1797 Spithead Mutiny

Dr Ann Coats, expert on eighteenth century naval history tells of the Mutiny borne out of a grievance that naval seamen had not had a pay rise for 144 years.

In the Wake of Ernest Shackleton

After the loss of the Endeavour, Shackleton set off from Elephant Island to seek help in a converted whaler, James Caird. Trevor Potts built a replica of the James Caird and sailed it from Elephant Island to South Georgia. He tells the story of the preparations and the voyage.

AGM - Followed by a talk by Club member Ken Moss

An East coast cruise from the Deben to Orkney and back - sometimes single-handed.

Annual Dinner - Datchet Water Sailing Club

Roger Taylor, South Pacific tall ships shipwreck survivor, is our after dinner speaker.

Spring 2008

The Rise and Fall of Westerly Boatbuilding

Association member Hazel Powell, editor of 'The Westerly Story', discusses the company's growth and financial failure. What made it so successful? And why did it collapse? These and other questions will be discussed along with the designers and, of course, the boats.

Medical Emergencies at Sea

Martin Thomas M.S., F.R.C.S. Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club and Atlantic Yachtsman extraordinaire, outlines handling medical emergencies at sea - a timely reminder that all may not go to plan!

Further adventures of ‘Cresswell Jenny’ in Turkey and Greece

Members Karin Wilkinson & Andrew Walker return to tell of their trip from Marmaris to Kos, zig zagging between Turkey and the Greek islands taking in Finike, Rhodes, Knidos, Kusadasi and Samos.

JourneyMaker 5. Tilman Trophy Winner - 3 Peaks Race

Chris Jones and Louise Makin share their adventures in the 2007 race, one of the toughest on record with gale force winds in the Irish Sea, sailing 400 miles along the west coast of Great Britain with ascents of the highest peaks in Wales, England and Scotland

Building and cruising a modern gaffer

Stephen Akester will describe the build and some of the unique features of his modern gaffer, Alice, and share the experience of cruising in her.

Atlantic Crossing

Club member John Apps returns by popular request to tell of his adventures completing his Atlantic crossing to gain third place in the Jester Challenge race he entered in 2006

Cruising in the “Golden Years” after racing

Cliff Norbury, past racing champion, Olympic Team manager, RORC racer, sailing administrator, MD of Proctor and now well traveled cruiser recalls pottering on the Hamble in 1942 through to cruising in his almost self-built Starlight 39 ‘Zest’.

I'm not waving it, I'm drying it - Sailing in the Gulf

Race management is not all doom and gloom, it has its lighter moments as well. RYA Race Officers Peter and Carol-Anne Pocock have many a tale to tell about their experiences both in the UK and abroad. Come along to find out exactly who was drying what.

AGM - followed by Memories of the Falklands War

Captain N J Tobin DSC MA Royal Navy will give an illustrated talk on his period in command of HMS Antelope during the Falklands war and his personal recollections of the sinking of his ship as a result of enemy air attack.

Annual Dinner at Dachet Water Sailing Club