Autumn 2006

Channel Islands and North Brittany

Peter Cumberlidge, writer and journalist returns to share his extensive knowledge on the delights and challenges of sailing in and around the Channel Islands and Brittany.

Portsmouth Harbour and the Solent

Commander K Carter - QHM Portsmouth, will talk about his roles of managing the harbour and in particular the challenge and the success of the Fleet Review in 2005, as well as his work as vice chairman of the Solent Forum.

2004/5 Global Challenge - Imagine it Done

Sian Hankinson, daughter of one of our members shares her adventures as the deputy skipper/crew boss during her circumnavigation with Dee Caffari against the prevailing winds and currents.

Laying up Supper

Fish and Chip supper with an interesting evenings of members tales recounting challenges, memorable times and the odd confession whilst sailing or motor cruising.

The Adventures of the ARC

GXSA member Chris Monahan will talk about his experiences in preparing for and participating in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

The Extraordinary Voyages of Captain James Cook

Paul Covell, club member and round the world sailor gives a fascinating illustrated talk on the greatest cartographer, navigator and seaman of the 18th century and his voyages of exploration.

Triumph and Tragedy - tales from Artic Greenland

The Reverend Bob Shepton returns to tell us about his summer expedition to the north of Greenland, getting furthest north of any yacht in Greenland, over wintering there and the subsequent tragedy - the loss of his boat and his last roll of film.

CSS Alabama 1862 -1864

A screw sloop of war built for the confederacy - we learn about her amazing history and how she finally sank whilst under fire from USS Kearsarge in Cherbourg. Our speaker is Devian Watson from the Liverpool maritime Museum.

30 Years Before the Mast

An illustrated talk by GXSA member, Wolfgang Ansorge about his experience and voyaging on a wide variety of tall ships and traditional sailing vessels 1975-2005

Cast off for Christmas

Our traditional members' evening of yarns, light entertainment and mince pies and the judging of our season's photographs ahead of the Christmas break.

Autumn 2007

Uffa Fox Association

Tony Dixon tells of Uffa's adventures when he was Scout Master of the Cowes Sea scouts in 1921, including taking the scouts to France, up the Seine nearly to Paris and back in an open whaler without the parents knowing where they had gone.

SS Terra Nova - Whaler, Sealer and Polar Exploration Ship

Mike Tarver talks of the exploits over sixty years of this remarkable vessel including those with the Captain Scott Expeditions, covered in his new book.

From North Atlantic Drama to South Atlantic High

Explorer and Adventurer Jonathan Blain recounts surviving a shipwreck in the North Atlantic, then designing and building a yacht, which he raced to the island of St Helena.

Laying-up Supper

Fish "&" Chip Supper with an interesting evening of members’ tales recounting challenges, memorable times and the odd confession whilst sailing or motor cruising.

Life as an Engineer Officer on the Orient Line 50 Years ago

Club member David Harrop will describe the Passenger Steamships he served on for four years and give an illustrated tour of the world as it was 50 years ago.

High Barbaree to the Baltic and back

Tim and Liz Dodwell sailed their Cornish Crabber Pilot Cutter to the Baltic in 2005, laying up near Stockholm, then in 2006 cruised the Baltic before returning to Buckler’s Hard. They will talk about their adventures and misadventures too!

A New Future for the Sailing Barge Cambria

Cambria Trust, founded by Tony Ellis, is restoring the famous 101 year-old sailing barge Cambria. Tony has been involved in a variety of barging organisations over the years and will tell us his fascinating story.

Singlehanded round the world ‘vertically’

Adrian Flanagan will tell how he this year became the first single-hander to circumnavigate
north/south including crossing the Arctic Ocean along Russia’s northern sea route.

Shenanigan in the Hebrides

Club member Rob Johnstone recalls a summer cruising Skye and the east coast of some of the Outer Isles as navigator/bo'sun/leading hand in a 35ft Moody.

Cast off for Christmas

Our traditional members' evening of yarns, light entertainment and mince pies ahead of the Christmas break.

Autumn 2008

A life on the Ocean Wave – John Goode

Cruising past, present and future - a light-hearted talk putting across a few serious messages. John is the ex-editor of Sailing Today, Principal of the Southern Sailing School, and has responsibility for the Special Features for National Boat Shows Limited.

Women who built warships - Helen Doe

During the Napoleonic wars two of the yards supplying urgently-needed ships to the Royal Navy were run by widows and one of these yards on the Thames was one of the largest businesses in the country. Hear how Mrs Barnard and Mrs Ross managed their complex businesses and dealt with the important officers of the Navy Board.

My Favourite Anchorage

Six club members will describe one of their favourite overnight stopping places, which might even be an anchorage! Please bring your 'cockpit nibbles' to enhance the illusion of a relaxing evening spent swinging at anchor.

Pilotage in the Port of London and elsewhere 
Captain Don Cockrill FNI

Captain Cockrill gives an insight into the often little-known world of pilotage, explaining the contribution that port and offshore pilotage makes to all of our everyday lives in one of the major and certainly most prestigious ports of Europe if not the world – London.

A year at sea - Malta to the Caribbean 
John Dawson and Bernie Smallman.

Club members John and Bernie tell how they took their charter-scheme boat, adapted it for living aboard and sailed through the Mediterranean Sea and across the Atlantic Ocean to explore the Caribbean.

To Russia with Love - Jonathan Walmsley

Jonathan describes his cruise from the East Coast of the UK in his Shipman 28 with his all girl crew to St Petersburg in Russia. Highlights include being shot at by the Polish border authorities and running into a Baltic port without an engine in a full gale.

Arctic Circle & Iceland - almost - and back, single-handed 
Roger Taylor

Roger cruised non-stop from Burnham-on-Crouch to Plymouth last year passing the Shetlands and almost reaching the Arctic Circle en-route. He describes his 'amazing' summer on Mingming - a junk-rigged Corribee 21 - with the help of video footage.

Weather, IT and Gipsy Moth IV

Andrew Eccleston of the University of Plymouth and weather adviser to Gypsy Moth IV will give an academic's view of yachting.

Going West slowly: Falmouth to the Canaries - Simon Fraser

Simon returns to describe Falmouth to the Canaries in two leisurely summer cruises. Ten weeks meandering into Spanish Rias and down the Portuguese coast to Lagos for the winter of 2006, then on to Madeira and the Canaries in 2007

Cast off for Christmas

Our traditional members' evening of yarns, light entertainment and mince pies ahead of the Christmas break.

Autumn 2009

"Rough Pilotage and Rough Water" - Ken Endean

Ken Endean well known author of pilot books and regular YM contributor will talk to us about some of his experiences in "London Apprentice" his shallow draft 27' yacht.

Helicopter Round Britain, Coastal Views - Colin Lewis

Colin Lewis, Commodore Royal Southampton Yacht Club shows a fascinating film of a round Britain helicopter flight made in Spring 2008 exploring many areas of familiar coastline

View from the Bridge - Captain Colin Johnston

Captain Colin Johnston Master Mariner and former P & O Master illustrates the view from the bridge of a container ship and describes latest detection equipment radar and AIS, of vital importance to cross Channel yachtsmen.

A Memorable Passage - Member’s Evening.

Bring along your cockpit snacks to share. A bottle of wine will be given to the table with the most enticing fare
- judges promise not to eat them all! Hear a number of your fellow club members describe 'A Memorable Passage' that they have made. These may be exciting, enchanting or just a 'cracking sail'. Come along and be entertained by your fellow members.

Weather - Norman Lynagh

Norman Lynagh is keen sailor who is a Chartered Meteorologist and Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society. He provides weather forecasts to a range of industries and expert information to legal and insurance companies. He will explain how to interpret weather forecasts and how to develop your own forecasting method.

Four cruises of the “Grampus” - Chris Woodwark

Club members Chris Woodwark and his crew, Russell Wendover, Richard Ogden, Jim Cannon and Terry Smart will give us a presentation on their cruises between the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, the Outer Hebrides, St Kilda, the West coast, Orkneys and the East coast undertaken since 2000.

Saturday Special - Radio Controlled Yachts

As a change from the more usual instructional events, we shall be racing radio controlled yachts on Taplow Lake. These are the same yachts supplied by Mike Weston that were such a success at the Boat Show. Hot soup included.

World Circumnavigation in a Westerly 41 - Bernard Clarke

Bernard's illustrated presentation will cover the pro and cons of doing a circumnavigation within two years and under the auspices of a World Rally. He will describe some of the wonderful countries and cultures that he, and in part his wife, experienced and the challenges he faced when Ocean sailing aboard ' Golden Eye of Chichester'.

King Alfred and Limehouse - Jeremy Batch

Limehouse Basin is the home of the Cruising Association. Jeremy will cover the history of this area, important to Great Britain's navigation from the time of King Alfred all the way to the 2012 Olympics. Highlights include our border with Scandinavia, London's lifeline in the Great Plague, tidal power, Britain's first aeroplane, gunpowder, the bouncing glass, gin and the dog biscuit.

Solent Archaeology - Brandon Mason

Brandon Mason is Project Officer of The Hants and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology. He will tell us about the unseen yet important sites that we are sailing past, or indeed over, during our Solent passages.

Cast off for Christmas

Our traditional members' evening of yarns, light entertainment and mince pies ahead of the Christmas break.

Autumn 2010

London's More Important River - Jeremy Batch

Jeremy returns following his talk last year on the historical importance of Limehouse Basin, where he is a lock keeper. He will extend this theme with what we know will be a polished, humorous and enlightening evening delving into the background and history of London's more important river. 
It's not the Thames!

Beneath the Stars at the North Pole - Eric Brossier

Eric Brossier, distinguished high latitude sailor, visits from La Rochelle to describe five winters spent in Spitsbergen aboard “Vagabond” to study Arctic Ocean sea ice and its future. His 2008 book “Circumpolaris” won the Prix de l’Académie Marine award.

The Dance of the Little Green Dots - Alan Watson

Alan Watson will demonstrate how to identify potential collision situations on the radar using both traditional methods and MARPA (Mini Automatic Radar Plotting Aid). The talk will be illustrated with computer simulations as well as screen shots from the radar on his own boat in the Solent and Channel.

Le Four to La Rochelle - Liz and Mick Wigfield

A Personal Pilot of the Ports of North Biscay and the passages between them compiled from the logs of Kemari, Liz and Mick Wigfield’s Westerly Fulmar.

Two Summers in the Baltic
James and Carol Littlewood

James and Carol spent the summers of 2008 and 2009 in their Moody Eclipse 38 "Paddington Bear". Their trip covered the East Coast of Sweden, the Gota and Trollhaten canals, Poland and the Baltic States. Their illustrated talk will cover all aspects of their trips, including some things that weren't meant to happen!

The Moody Story - David Moody

In 2005 the family business of AH Moody and Son was sold after 175 years of trading from the same site at Swanwick on the River Hamble. David Moody has documented the Yachts that were built by the Company, initially for his own family, and has produced a successful book of the whole Moody story.

Saturday Special - Boat Electrics
A Day with Art Butler

Art is the owner and "hands-on" specialist of a yacht electrics and electronics company based on the East Coast. He will bring us right up to date on current issues and give some guidance on choosing equipment as well as doing our own installation, fault finding, wiring maintenance and repairs.

History of Royal Flying - Graham Laurie

As an RAF pilot, Graham flew members of the Royal Family and VIPs, completing over 2200 Royal Flights. The talk, given in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund, with many personal reminiscences will cover the early days of Royal Flying, the Kings and Queens Flights, right up to the present day.

Polynesian Catamaran Design and the Lapita Voyage. 
James Wharram

In the mid 1950's James Wharram built the first offshore catamaran in Britain, based on ancient Polynesian boat design, and sailed it out into the Atlantic. Fifty years later, James set off with his partner, Hanneke, a cameraman, a couple of scientists and some Polynesian crew members to sail 4,000 miles along the ancient Polynesian migration route to Tikopia and Anuta, in two craft inspired by the unique, original hull shape of their canoes. Come and hear the magical story of the Lapita Voyage.

Round the Big Island - John Rugg and John Gorrie

Members John Gorrie and John Rugg give will tell us about their UK circumnavigation this summer, a taste of which was available on their blog. Their contrasting individual perspectives will be fascinating - assuming of course that they are still speaking to each other!

Cast off for Christmas

Our traditional members' evening of yarns, light entertainment and mince pies ahead of the Christmas break.