GXSA Talk - Wednesday December 4th

Viv Cox   "Sailing and Boat Maintenance"

Historic Anchor

Vyv Cox is a marine engineer, metallurgist, photographer, lecturer and occasional contributor to Yachting Monthly. He has also sailed extensively in cruising yachts.

Viv will give us two short talks:

  • anchors and anchoring, explaining why some equipment works better than others;
  • A cruise in 2013 around the islands of the Northern Aegean Sea

Aegean marina

Two for one on talks is bound to appeal to all pre Christmas bargain hunters. To mark this memorable evening, our treasurer is also rumoured to be offering double points, a compelling proposition! 

GXSA Talk:          Wednesday January 8th

Jeremy Batch   "Invaders, Explorers and Shipbuilders"

Medway Castle We are privileged that the renowned speaker Jeremy Batch has agreed to start our 2014 season of talks.

Jeremy, you may recall, has been to GXSA three times previously and on each occasion he has thrilled us with an excellent well researched and prepared historical talk exploiting PowerPoint to the full.

This time his theme is ‘Invaders, Explorers and early Shipbuilders on the Thames and Medway’. In this illustrated glimpse of history he will mention some little known conundrums such as:

  • Why was the Archbishop of Canterbury murdered at Greenwich Yacht Club ?
  • How did the Dutch sneak up the Medway to raid Chatham ?
  • How did Olaf the Viking make London Bridge fall down ?

Come and join us and have the answers explained. It will be a great and memorable evening — a proven antidote to miserable January weather and ‘Boat Show Blues’.

GXSA Talk:          Wednesday January 15th

Rob Johnstone   ‘The Clash of the Dreadnought ’

HMS Dreadnought The race for naval superiority between the Allies and German forces in WW1 resulted in the largest naval battle and the only full-scale clash of battleships of the war - the Battle of Jutland in 1916. The resources involved were vast - over 250 ships.

These faced each other in a battle lasting over two days. Each side claimed victory and 25 ships and 10,000 lives were lost.

GXSA member Rob Johnstone will give some insight, relate the story, explain the differences between the fleets, their tactics and intelligence ... and perhaps even give us his own view as to which side really did win.

Come and join us, and refresh your knowledge of this key battle in British Naval history.

This is a change in the previously advertised programme.

GXSA Talk:          Wednesday January 22nd

Dylan Winter    -   ‘Keep Turning Left ’

Staithes N Yorkshire Dylan Winter's cruises are not the usual "plain vanilla one summer's round Britain dash" of which we know of many, they are a number of meticulously planned cameos which explore harbours and rivers to their navigational limits capturing the real essence of sailing.

His boats are tiny, his observations detailed, quirky and meticulously recorded as only a BBC cameraman could. They range from the old barge highways, byways and mud flats of the East Coast to the eerie wide expanses of the Forth.

This will be a relaxed evening packed with sailing anecdotes and excellent film clips with something for us all.

Good fun and banter and who knows, it might give us some refreshing inspiration for planning this summer's cruise.

Click here to read Dylan's unique Video Blog

Talk:          Wednesday February 5th

Port of London Authority and the Role of the Harbour Master

Steve Rushbrook

Steve Rushbrook The PLA oversees navigational safety on 95 miles of the tidal Thames, from Teddington Lock to the North Sea. The river is home to the second biggest port in the UK, the busiest inland waterway for freight, passengers and a centre for sporting events.

Steve is ‘Deputy Harbour Master Upper’, responsible for the section between Teddington and Crossness.

Cruise Ship on the Thames

Steve leads Cruise ship bookings and organises some Harbour Services. Amongst his responsibilities include looking after the boat race and a myriad of moorings.

University Boat Race

He will talk about the challenges of navigating the Thames – including some rather hair raising stories  . .&nbsp.

Come along, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn something about a superb well known and well respected organisation.