Wednesday 12th January

Bob Shepton

Antarctica, Old and New 

 This talk will be on Zoom only

Accomplished sailor, mountaineer and Arctic explorer, Reverend Bob Shepton will tell us about his sailing in the 1990s between the Falklands and Antarctica (partly under jury rig) and more recently on Novara from the Falklands to South Georgia in 2017. The two voyages illustrate the very different degree of regulation on Antarctic expeditions 25 years apart.

Bob Shepton has received many awards, including the Piolets d'Or 2011 (mountaineering), the Blue Water Medal, Tilman Medal (twice), Yachtsman of the Year UK 2013 and a Lifetime Achievment Award in 2020. He has published two successful books: Addicted to Adventure  and High Latitude Sailing. 

Northumberland Island, Greenland