GXSA Talk - Wednesday November 6th

Dr Isabel Ansorge - U-Boats, Giant Waves and Climate Change

Dr Isabel AnsorgeMembers may recall Isabel's excellent enjoyable and informative talk about Oceanography in 2010 when Isabel not only explained the basics of the then topical themes in Oceanography, but also described her personal research projects in the Antarctic.

The Colston Hall was packed like never before...

This time, in response to a personal invitation from GXSA, she is making a special return visit from her base in Cape Town to tell us about unusual ocean currents, like those used by U-Boats to sneak in and out of the Mediterranean and the currents causing the accumulation of huge areas of rubbish in the oceans also the giant waves along the South African coast that have caused the sinking of huge ships.

Dr Isabel AnsorgeIn addition, Isabel was recently involved in the sea trials and equipping of the new South African polar research ship, the S.A. AGULHAS II. She will describe this state-of-the art vessel and her winter shake-down voyage to Antarctica.

Finally there will be an update on climate change and global warming developments which were a key theme of her previous talk.

Isabel is currently on Sabbatical and has just returned from a research voyage to Gough Island, Tristan da Cunha and the Southern Ocean - next stop .... Gerrards Cross!

This will be another unforgettable evening - be there, or you'll have big regrets ...