GXSA Talk - Wednesday November 13th

Justin Jones - All About Ropes

Marlow Braid

Justin is the maritime manager of English Braids, a UK manufacturer of ropes and cordage based in Worcestershire whose best known yachting brand is Marlow Ropes. In his illustrated talk, he will tell us about some of the underlying manufacturing processes and technology which over time have gradually improved to gives us the superb modern ropes of today.

In a change from our normal style of Wednesday's talks, Justin and his assistant will demonstrate some rigging tricks and also show us how to splice braided ropes. This is not just a boring 'plain vanilla' practical demo - splicing done by these experts - is magic.

Come along, bring your fids, have a go yourself - you'll be amazed and leave itching to get to the boat to replace those tired old halyards.