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You may be interested in previous articles and Cruising Logs that we have published.  Out members are adding to our library of Cruising Logs, that can be found here (in the News-->Cruising Log section.

2015 JohnRugg Receives PBT from StuartGaunt
John Rugg won the Trophy in 2015 for his essay about Family Sailing Holidays in the Lake District



The Concept

Peter Batterley sponsored this award.  We include here a copy of one of his cruising logs from 1986, when:

  • There was no Internet,  or World Wide Web
  • Nikon introduced the worlds first Digital SLR camera - everybody else used film, slide projectotrs, and nobody had thought of PowerPoint
  • Mobile telephones were rare, and not very mobile
  • The first IBM Personal Computer was invented 5 years previously (1981), and colour screens were new
  • The fastet Intel processor was the Intel 386, released the previous year
  • Decca was the best location system for yachts

We'll think of some more things to add !!

The Peter Batterley Trophy

If you are a member of GXSA and have a story to tell, please submit an article.  It's good to capture your memories whilst they're fresh, and it's interesting to tell yoru frends what you've done  You might even win a prize !!

It's a great motivation to write down all those thoughts about last summer so that you don't forget them!!

To enter, just submit your entry in Microsoft Word format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Typing...


2015 Peter Batterley Trophy: Entrants

The following articles were submitted for consideration, for our first year.  Thanks to everyone that entered.

Title Author

Family Trailer Sailing to Coniston Water

John Rugg (Winner)

Sailing to Norway and the Shetland Isles

Peter Poole

Around Britain Sailing Adventure

Chris Veys
The Adventures of Vagabond Rob Johnstone
Old Gaffer Solent Misadventure Andy Oliver
Beyond Belief sails to Normandy  Gerry Knight
Solent to the Baltic Graham Fairhead
A Trip to Brittany  Paul Farrell
Island Harbour Rally Report  Chris Green
Full Chichester Rally report  Stuart Gaunt
Short Chichester rally report  Paul Farrell

Peter Batterley summary