GXSA Annual Awards 2020

The Association awards are presented at the annual dinner following the AGM. A high standard of achievement is required for the awards and they are not presented if a suitable candidate has not been identified for that year.

The winners are selected by the committee after extensive consideration of nominations from members, except for the Peter Batterley trophy, which is voted directly by the members.

The 2020 GXSA Awards were

Silver Jubilee Trophy

This is presented to a member who has shown an ability to extend his/her/their sailing ability beyond our normal horizons


Martin Goodchild


Martin Goodchild

Martin made three long-distance cruises in 2018-9, further than he had sailed before, and well outside his previous experience.

1) Azores to Falmouth, with Bob and Elaine Hazel, on Pipistrelle

2) Baltic to Netherlands

3) Portsmouth to Cascais on Amoret

Very intrepid, Martin.  We're all jealous, really.

Bob Gammack Trophy

The Memorial Trophy is awarded for exceptional effort on behalf of the association or in achieving a personal goal - beating an illness or other challenge.

Ray Prowse


Ray Prowse

Ray has once again volunteered to join the GXSA Committee in a time of need.

Ray has previously been on the Committee 3 times, Deputy Chairman 4 times, and Chairman Twice.

Thanks, from all your friends at GXSA.

Ruby Cup

The Ruby cup is awarded to the Association member each year who has contributed most to encourage, promote or inspire others to participate in boating

Ray Bridges


Ray Bridges

Ray helped to develop dinghy sailing opportunities for young people in Grenada through the Petite Calivigny Yacht Club.  He also contributed 2 laser Dinghies to the club, and there has been regional success in sailing events.

Well Done, Ray !!

Peter BatterleyTrophy

Awarded by popular vote of the members of the association for a IPhoto-Journalism article submitted by the member (usually Cruising Logs, but any article of interest/value to member is accepted)

John Apps


John Apps

John is on the left, demonstrating elbow bumping with the chairman.

John wrote an article about Helgoland, that lies in the North Sea, between Denmark and Germany.

Read John's article, here

Congratulations, John.  A well written piece about an adventurous sailing exploit.