GXSA operates several mailing lists.  In order to receive messages from GXSA, you need to be subscribed to one or more mailing lists.  The lists that are most active are:

  • Weekly Announcements - Used as a reminder of our weekly lectures, from September to March.
  • Active Sailors (GXSA members only) - Primarily used during the summer months to contact members about sailing events
  • All Members (GXSA members only) - Used for communication about activities ashore

If you are subscribed to one or more of these lists, you should receive messages.  If you have not seen a message, there may be a problem with your subscription.  We suggest that you try these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Use the "Newsletters" facility (on the About GXSA menu, on the right of the page) to see the archive of newsletters that have been sent.
  2. Check your email inbox, to confirm if you have received the messages (don't forget to look in your Spam folder).
  3. If you have not received the messages, registered members can use the "My Subscriptions" link, on the left of the page (after you have logged in).  Here you will be able to Subscribe and Unsubscribe to email distribution lists.
  4. Read the article about Avoiding Spam Filters and take any remedial action
  5. If you're still having problems please use Contact Us form the to raise a question, and we will try to resolve the problem.

Wondering why you don't receive GXSA notices.

You've subscribed to GXSA and find that you are not receiving GXSA emails that announce meetings or provide specific notices to members. These emails are sent approximately weekly throughout the "talks season" and less frequently in GXSA "off season". There are several reasons for email blocking, one of which is that GXSA emails are being designated as spam by your mail service provider/ISP. GXSA may not know if its outgoing mail is being caught in spam filters. There are a number of steps that you can take to reduce the chance of this happening. If you continue to get problems please contact the GXSA webmaster.


BT internet and Yahoo

When logged into your web mail server never hit the "Spam button" when either viewing or marking the checkbox next to a GXSA email. Hitting this button may prevent not only you from receiving further emails from GXSA, but also stop others subscribed to the GXSA mailing lists from receiving them.

If there are emails in your spam box from GXSA mark them as not spam. This will move the email to your inbox. If you wish to unsubscribe from GXSA, do so by replying to the email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line, or by contacting the webmaster via the contact-us page. All GXSA bulk emails have an unsubscribe option.

Add the address from which GXSA emails are sent to the addresses in your address book as a new contact, and send a test email to the address. This will be acknowledged by the webmaster.

If you temporarily wish to suspend receiving emails from GXSA unsubscribe as above, by using any of the GXSA emails you will have received. When you are ready to re-subscribe, do so using the contact-us page of the web site.

The above steps should help you receive GXSA emails. However success is not assured and you are advised to look occasionally at your bulk mail and spam mail boxes on the web mail server, and if GXSA incoming mail is present treat entries accordingly. Do not ever mark a GXSA email as spam.



When reviewing/reading your messages, never hit the "Report Spam" button. Hitting this button may prevent you from getting email from anyone with a GXSA mail address.

If you do hit the "Report Spam" button by mistake, please take the following steps to make sure you continue to get your email:

Access the "Spam Folder" in the lower right-hand corner of your mailbox. Then click on the email that you mistakenly reported as spam in the spam folder, click on the "This is not Spam" button at the bottom of the spam folder.

Complete these simple steps to make sure you receive all GXSA emails:

Add the email address from which GXSA notices are sent to your AOL Email Address Book

Starting from your AOL Homepage Under Mail in top left corner, click Read. Then under Mail Options pull down to Address Book, click Add, then Save.

Make sure emails sent to you by GXSA are not automatically deleted:

Under Mail Options pull down to "Block Unwanted Mail" Choose one of the filters under "Control Who I Get Email From" and leave the setting as"Allow mail from all senders". No other action is required.

However if you choose anything other than "Allow mail from all senders," you need to follow these additional instructions:

Under "Blocked mail should be" select "Delivered to Spam Folder" then click Save. This forces all emails sent to you by GXSA into your "Spam Folder" instead of your inbox.

If images do not appear in your GXSA emails click the "Show images & enable links" at the top of your mail.

Windows Hotmail

Never click the "Junk" button with an email from GXSA. Hitting this button may prevent you and other hotmail subscribers from receiving emails. Emails marked as junk will be automatically sent to your "Junk E-mail" folder and deleted. Reporting and blocking an email will prevent any and all email from GXSA members from getting to your inbox.

Make sure there are no emails from GXSA in your Junk E-mail folder. If you find one, check the box "Not Junk". Clicking this button will allow you to receive emails from GXSA. (Emails marked as Junk are automatically sent to your Junk email folder and eventually deleted)

If you open an email from GXSA that is located in your Junk E-Mail folder, click on the icon "Not Junk Mail".

Please complete the simple steps below to make sure all email is delivered to your Hotmail Inbox:

Add email domain to your "Safe List": Starting from your Hotmail Inbox click on Options on the right-hand side of the screen. Then click on "More options..."

in the drop down select "Safe and blocked senders" under the Junk e-mail heading, click on "Safe Senders" .

Add "" to the safe senders list.


Other Mail Services

To ensure that GXSA communications are not filtered into your “junk/bulk” folder, select the Add/Save to Address Book function in your email browser and follow the appropriate instructions to save the GXSA address in your address book. Please contact your email provider if you would like assistance.


Many email providers have “spam” or “junk” functions that will automatically delete or block emails that you report as “spam” or “junk.” Hitting these buttons may prevent you, and all others indefinitely, from receiving email from GXSA — not just the individual email that you may not wish to view. For best results, avoid using these functions with GXSA and instead use the "unsubscribe" link as instructed in each email. If your received email looks distorted or if the links within the email do not work, your email provider may automatically send emails to your inbox with the images and links deliberately turned off.

Please contact your email provider for assistance on allowing images and links to display in your email.



14/05/2014 Need to copy the Protostar template to a GXSA template

23/12/2014 Install Voting component suitable for a competition in line with Peter Batterley Award


23/12/2014  profile mandates password.  We realy need a reset my password facility.  Fixed by setting the "Required" attribute on the password and confirm password fields.  As all users are given passwords when they are created, passwords cannot be deleted, they must still match if provided.  Overall, the result is as required.

14/05/2014 Favicon needs setting to the GXSA Burgee (on the web browser tabs) - SG - Done, but the icon needs to have a transparent background, as it appears in a white box on the browser tabs.

 17/07/2014 Need to decide and fix on a photo gallery - consider that looks quite good



19/7/2014 Bug in Joomla image management - unable to create sub-folders using media manager.

Applied patch from

Still doesn't work.....but UNIX security on folders (applied by UK2 hosting organisation) would pevent this, anyway.

14/05/2014 Reduce frequency of backups to weekly (less admin on the archive folders, as less space will be used)

19/04/2014 Re-establish acymailng lists, from Ken's download list - first convert to 7 bit ascii

 19/04/2014 Issue with using Profiler to create users - probably permissions on categoruies

20/05/2014 Need to ensure profile fields are processed securely

18/05/2014 Need to check that Profiler lists are working properly with secuity

20/05/2014 Need to agree, then upload and enable all user accounts

20/05/2014 Rendezvous wanted me to login, on mobile this morning. - Permissions on the Phoca Guestbook

20/05/2014 Joining GXSA contnent is visible to signed in users, on the TOP and About GXSA menus - it should be hidden for signed-in users

20/05/2104 Joining GXSA page contains a link to a download file (membership form) that doesn't exist.  Need to find it!

20/05/2014 Joining GXSA intro paragraph re-worked, Contact Us link now points to the NEW contact Us page, Created a Membership & SO form with Graham's name on it, and set up the hyperlink to click on it

14/05/2014 Upgrade website to Joomla version 3.3 (need to download, upgrade, then upload new software, because HTTPD can't write to the software folders)

 20/05/2014 Purchase and install AcyMailing Essential to enable scheduled newsletters

20/05/2014 Purchase and install Breezing Forms to enable responsive layout and remove banners

12/05/2014  On right hand side list of links "About GXSA",  remove link "Application form" since obviously within "Join GXSA" link. Add new link "Links" pointing to reinstated Ken Moss list of links article.

09/05/2014 Membership Form - the Standing Order PDF is incomplete (missing text)

12/05/2014 Suggest revise Joing GXSA page as shown below:

Membership of the association is available to all who share our enthusiasm for sailing and the sea. Annual membership costs £30 for a single member and £35 for family members. Members who have moved away from the area and can only attend a few meetings but wish to keep in touch and only attend a few meetings pay an outport fee of £10. Membership fees are due on October 1st every year and most members pay by standing order. Non members and guests will be required to pay a visitors fee of £5 at meetings and do not receive notification of the association's special events and rallies. Non members cannot post to the small ads pages of the website, or use the crewing register.

You are recommended to use the online form shown below but a membership and standing order form can also be printed from your browser (89k pdf file). If you choose to download that form, return to this page using your browser's "back" button. Any queries, please contact the secretary, Grahan Fairhead, via the contact page or by telephone on 07799 476040.

GXSA Membership Application

We're very pleased that you would liike to join our association; we're certain that you will enjoy your membership.

There are three classes of membership:

  1. Family: For the primary member, and partner living at the same address (cost is £35 per annum)
  2. Single: For an individual (cost is £30 per annum)
  3. Outport: For people living more than 30 miles from Gerrards Cross (as the crow flies) (cost is £10 per annum)

Most of our members pay by Standing Order. When you have completed the form, we will display a standing order form that you can print off and bring along to a meeting, or submit directly to your bank. If you do not wish to pay by standing order, cheque (payable to GXSA) or cash payment can be made.

Please complete the details, below. We will email you the details that you complete.



19/04/2014 1) SSL - DONE (only works with, apparently)


  1. Move links off top menu DONE
  2. Add Joining GXSA to top menu DONE


  1.  Clarify the email subscription to the effect ‘If you are not already a GXSA member and would like to receive… please register here:’ DONE
  2.  Change the main Login to Member Login - DONE
  3. Add my telephone number (my mobile is best: 07799 476040) - DONE
  4. In the longer term you were going to workout how to generate a Membership Application Form complete with Standing Order (signature/authorisation issues?) on the website but in the meantime we were going to revert to a downloadable pdf for printing off. - Membership Application form and downloadable SO form DONE
  5. More priority to ‘About GXSA’ by moving this up. DONE
  6. Our next talk/event to appear on the front page each week.FUNCTION OF FEATURED ARTICLE status on web page (Sorted by Article title - DONE
  7. We talked about reducing/ simplifying the number of button at the top. DONE


Short Article submitted by members, for the GXSA Blog

Articles about how we organise ourselves.

Events, specials, etc.

These organisations are known to GXSA, either by members involvement with theorganisation, or on recommendation from members

Parent group for all the lecture programmes (old and current)

and specific articles about each lecture

Any Social, Training, Rally, Saturday Special, Trip, etc.

This is standing text that rarely changes.

"Olds", rather than "News" !!