Membership Application Process

  1. Please apply online using the form below. 
  2. After we have processed your form, you will receive an email, and be registered to login to the website, with "Pending" status.
  3. When you login to the website, you will be shown a form with payment instruction for the membership fees.
  4. Once you have paid for membership, you will become a full member, your website login will be promoted to "Full Member", and you will receive the normal communications of a "Full Member".

There are three classes of membership:

  1. Family: For the primary member, and partner living at the same address (cost is £55 per annum)
  2. Single: For an individual (cost is £40 per annum)

Most of our members pay by Standing Order.  When you have completed the form, we will display a standing order form that you can print off and bring along to a meeting, or submit directly to your bank.

Please complete the details, below.  We will email you the details that you complete.

Details about yourself
For Health & Safety, and Family memberships
Where would you like us to send correspondence?
GXSA welcomes everybody. If you do happen to own a boat, we would love to hear about it, as there may be somebody else in the association with a similar vessel.
Market Research
We only get one chance to ask this question. It would help us if you would let us know where you heard about GXSA: