How to Change Your Password

Paid up members of Gerrards Cross Sailing Association have acces to the members area of the website.  To access these pages, you need a username and profile.

If you would like to change your password there are two methods available:

1) Use the "Forgot your password?" facility on the home page.  If you have not logged in (or you have logged out), there is a "Forgot your password?" link beneath the Username/Password fields.

    • Click the "Forgot your password?" link.
    • Type in your username (if you don't know your username, use the "Forgot your username?" link)
    • The system will sent you an email, with instructions on how to reset your passwoed.

2) Use the "Edit my profile" facility, after you have logged in.  Use this if you know your password, but would rather have a different password.

    • Click "Edit my profile".  The system will show your current profile settings.
    • Type your new password into the "Password" field
    • Re-type your new password into the "Confirm Password" field
      • If you would like to update other aspects of your profile, you can do this, at the same time
    • At the bottom of the web page, where you will see a "Save" button
    • Click the "Save" button.  The page should re-display, and show a message towards the top, indicating if the save workrd, or not
    • If you saw an error message (typically that your passwords don't match), correct your input, and try again

If you're still having difficulty, use the "Contact Us" facility, and we will try to help some more.