Summer Season 2015


Folly Inn Rally 12th September

We had an enjoyable double meeting at Yarmouth on the Friday and then at the Folly Inn on Saturday.

Some of us even worked in a visit to the Southampton Boat Show in the same weekend. See Events for details.


Saturday 4th July

Littlehampton Rally (3-5 July)

Littlehampton Quay

Sailing to enter Littlehampton required careful timing.

The rally was a great success, including the belly-dancing (a first at GXSA rallies!...)

Click here for the full report and photos



Gins Farm Rally (Beaulieu) (9-10 May)Saturday 9th May

Gins Farm, Beaulieu


The summer sailing programme began at Gins Farm on 9th May.

See Events section for more details of this rally.