Sailing Websites

The links below are chosen for having possible interest to GXSA members. The links are provided in good faith. GXSA cannot be held responsible for their integrity or content. Please contact us if your favourite sites are absent.



Clubs and Societies

RYA, Royal Yachting Association

Yateley Offshore A club based in Hampshire with very similar profile to GXSA

Henley Offshore A local club with similar profile to GXSA

Ocean Cruising Club A club with a strong affinity to GXSA

Broadwater Sailing Club A local dinghy sailing club based in the Colne Valley

Datchet Water Sailing Club National level dinghy sailing club. Several DWSC members are also members of GXSA

Cookham Reach Sailing Club is a family friendly club that offers social dinghy sailing and racing on the Thames at Cookham


Kids, Children, Teens, Youth, and Youngsters

A Kid's Guide to Sailing Boats - Getting started in sailing, by Amelia Whiting, from Seattle.  Thanks, Amelia.

Guest Speakers

Kathy Mansfield Photography A regular contributor to Classic Boat and Watercraft magazines. Superb annual calendar.

Deben Marine Deben Marine is owned by Art Butler who is GXSA's instructor and members' adviser.

Cox Engineering Vyv Cox's site on interesting yachting articles



Current Weather and Forecasts

Weather at Chichester Entrance, Cowes

Wind at Calshot

Mail a Sail Global Weather Portal This site is currently under development and will include links to well known forecasters, their web sites and other weather related information sources. (including Frank Singleton - see below)

XC weather A favourite site for several GXSA members. Nice graphical presentation of observations and five day UK forecasts for wind, temperature and precipitation.

Metcheck (provides a 1 to 7 day forecast and 8-14 day forecast of wind speed and direction.

The Weather Channel provides 9 day forecasts with day and night details and including wind speed and direction.

Grib Weather files and Software Desktop wind and weather forecasts for all over the world using small downloadable files: free data, software and instructions - a must for all ocean sailors

Passage Weather Interesting variation on GRIB, that includes a forecast of visibility

Synoptic Charts German met site with an archive of north atlantic synoptic charts.

Weather for Fishermen. Fishing site which provides free synoptic charts and forecasts. Also some fascinating pages on fishing boats and gear.


The Weather Experts

 Frank Singleton's weather site (A comprehensive source of where to get weather information)



Yacht Pilot The online pilot book for the English Channel, with their sub-site for revising your Day Skipper syllabus

East Coast Pilot A sponsored site to support the East Coast Pilot Book. Comprises up to date charts (of wind farms, changing sandbanks etc), weather information and a comprehensive information source to support East Coast Sailors. You can subscribe to a free email update and news service.

Sail Europe A site by Jim Baerselman which summarises the attractiveness of European cruising areas. Useful to drool over during those long winter evenings

Easy Tide Tidal height predictions for up to 5 days ahead - Jimmy Cornell's site for ocean cruising

Sight reduction program in javascript. Save page to your PC.

Pangolin A New Zealand site with all you need for astro including software and almanac downloads. Good articles on ocean passage planning

Multi year almanac on CD ($US 30)

Astronomical Algorithms Jean Meeus' definitive guide - mathematical and useful if you fancy writing your own code ($US35) - nothing on tides

Lots of short navigation programs in javascript that you can run in your browser.

For sailing advice, boat reviews and subscriptions

For those who appreciate the most beautiful boats in the world


Sailing Schools

Westview Sailing is a locally based RYA approved school offering day skipper, yachtmaster courses and VHF short range certificate courses.


Local Non-Sailing Activities

Gerrards Cross Community Association

Gerrards Cross Parish Council The link page is a reference to local clubs and societies

Volunteering in Buckinghamshire Lists of opportunities

Volunteering made easy General information, national and international opportunities


The Other Stuff

A selection of sites that we find difficult to categorise

Sailing Resources (includes a large number of links to clubs associations and chandlery

MMSI numbers. ITU lists of boat names, nationalities and MMSIs

Vessels currently at sea in UK waters

Boat Trips a directory of boat trips round the country. Enjoy the events and let your skipper have a stress free afternoon!

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust Inspiring young people's cancer recovery through sailing. See the work of the trust and "lend a hand". Ellen MacArthur is an honorary member of GXSA.

Tall Ships Youth Trust

GXSA Online Events using ZOOM

This page is currently a Work in Progresss. Check back regularly, for updates.


  1. Structure of a GXSA Meeting, under Zoom
  2. Technical Requirements to join in the Zoom meeting
  3. How to join the Zoom meeting
  4. Using Zoom on your TV
  5. Zoom for Presenters Only
  6. Zoom for Hosts Only

Structure of the evening

This page describes the overall process for attending a GXSA Online Meeting. Our intention has been to emulate the normal GXSA physical meetings online.

  1.         Meetings will open for general chat at 7.45pm.  Depending on numbers, we may decide to use Breakout Rooms so people can have a more personal experience.
  2.          Talks will begin at 8.15pm (for 45 minutes)
  3.          There will be a break around 9.00pm for general chat and refreshments, using Breakout Rooms.
  4.          The second half of the evening will resume at 9.20pm for the rest of the Talk, followed by Q&A.
  5.          The event should finish around 10:00pm
  6. Your Invitation to Attend



Technical Requirements

The basic requirements are that you need an Internet capble device

You can participate fully, using many types of device:

  1. Phone (Smartphone, Android or iOS) 
  2. Tablet (iPad, Android)
  3. Chromebook
  4. Computer (PC, Mac)

Zoom can be quite greedy on you network bandwidth (or monthly allowance).  It uses about 2.5GB/hour, so be careful if your using a metered connection such as a mobile phone.  You may find your monthy allowance evaporate!!

Zoom can be quite demanding on network speed.  If you have a slow computer and/or slow broadband connection, you may see voices or pictures stuttering.  You may get a better experience if YOU switch off your webcam/camera.  People won't see you, but you will see them.  However, it not always your fault - sometimes the speaker's device is the problem.  Generally, if only one speaker is stuttering, it's their fault, not yours, and unfortunately you can't do anything about it.


Joining the Zoom Session

You will receive detailed joining instructions in an email, including a link to click, with a Joining ID.  Take a look at these two videos; they tell you everything you need.  If you need anything else, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 "I've Never Used Zoom before"

 "I've never used a Breakout Room before"

 "How do I ask Questions?"


Choose your "View" using the button on the top-right of your Zoom window

Zoom has three distinct perspectives, or views:

  • Gallery View - Great for Breakout Rooms or general chit-chat.  Not so good for presentations
  • Speaker View - Great for presentations, when you want to see the speaker, and aren't so bothered by what other people are doing
  • Share-Screen View - The default/required view when the speaker is delivering their presentation.  Your Zoom will switch to this automatically when the Speaker is presenting.


  • Use Gallery View in Breakout Rooms
  • Use Speaker View when there is one person speaking.  If the Speaker chooses to share their screen, your Zoom will automatically switch to Share Screen View.

The View Control also allows you to go-full-screen, which will improve your Zoom experience.


Using Zoom on your TV)

We hear comments that some people find it quite tiring to attend Zoom meetings for extended periods.  We think the trick is to watch Zoom as a TV Programme;  we're certain that you can watch a TV programme for 2 hours - it's just a question of adjusting your mental attitude to what's happening.

You may already have the technology at home to watch the Zoom session on your TV !!!  If you regularly use Netflix on your TV, you can probably watch Zoom on your TV. 

We've collected examples of what you need, here: 

You shops you may like to try Curry's PC World, Amazon, Ebay

If you have any other connection requirements (or suggestions), let us know and we will add them to the list.  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You may need some additional components to make it work, but we're certain that using your TV for GXSA presentations will be a very pleasant experience....  Enjoy !



Cable Computer to TV


Cable connections are the simplest connections, but some computers may need additional adaptors to make it work:

Once you've connected your cables, you will need to make sure that your computer is projecting to the TV (i.e. the computer is broadcasting to your wire).


Pressing the Windows key and "P" at the same time (Win+P) displays the Presentation Display Mode window, which lets you toggle your laptop's presentation mode between Computer Only, Duplicate, Extended, or Projector Only.  For GXSA, you will need EITHER "Duplicate" (picture is on both computer and TV) or "Projector Only" (picture is on the TV Only).

Use the "Arrow Keys" on your keyboard to select your preferred mode, then press "Enter" when the mode is selected.

Your screen will go black whilst the computer adjusts its display properties, before the picture appears on your chosen device(s)

PS:  Here is a link to a web-page with some very useful Windows hot-keys (not related to Zoom...Just general interest)


Chromecast is a Google USB device that connects into your TV's USB socket, and allows you to project from a device onto the TV.  Look on it as a "wireless cable".  They are available at many stores for £30, but you could try Argos or Currys PC-World

Wireless connection to Chromecast TV

 Amazon FireStick

The Amazon Fire Stick (£39) converts your TV into a Smart TV.  It plugs into an HDMI socket, and performs all the Internet connections that you need.  It provides software and a remote control for interaction.   I don't have one, but they look pretty good.


 Wireless connection to Amazon Fire Stick

Any more questions?  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.