Wednesday 8th December

Norma and Phil Heaton

Cruising in Indonesia 


Norma and Phil Heaton retired early and in 2009 embarked on a seven years circumnavigation in ‘Minnie B’, an OVNI 395: an aluminium, semi-custom sloop with a lifting keel and folding rudder. In 2014 they spent three months cruising in Indonesia from Timor and Alor in the south-east via Lombok, Bali and Kalimantan to Belitung and the Riau Islands, and on to Malaysia.  They returned the following year to sail south to Java and on to Cocos Keeling via Krakatoa.  In 2018, they sailed from the Caribbean back to Europe and their boat is currently in the Mediterranean having completed nearly 70,000 miles.  Their talk will cover weather, anchorages, culture, people, provisioning, landscapes and hazards....