Programme Spring 2016

Talks begin at 8.15pm, bar and coffee open from 7.30pm

Wednesday January 13th

Jeremy Batch

Going Boldly - Across, Beneath and Beyond the Ocean

One of our favourite speakers, Jeremy returns to entertain us with a wide ranging and amusing account of marine historical developments that we all take for granted today.   More details

Wednesday January 20th

Giles Milton

Nathaniel's Nutmeg and Fascinating Footnotes in History

Historian Giles wrote of the sea battles, brutality and skulduggery between the British and Dutch as they fought to control the eastern spice trade when nutmeg was worth more than gold, and tells of fascinating footnotes that make our past so intriguing.  More details

Wednesday January 27th

Graham Anthony

"Sorely Tried"- the story of HMS Beagle, Fitzroy and Darwin

The role of the Royal Navy was changing rapidly when ‘Beagle’ was launched in 1820. Graham explains how the Beagle voyages led to a nautical infrastructure that now allows us to roam the seas happily and safely.   More details

Wednesday February 3rd

Stuart Carruthers and Gus Lewis

Future of UK Cruising - from the RYA

Stuart is RYA Cruising Manager and Gus is Head of Legal and Government Affairs. They will explain the wide variety of contributions the RYA makes on our behalf with government and regulatory issues. Find out what are the most frequent enquiries and how we get good value from the RYA...   More details

Wednesday February 10th

Nigel Sharp

Dunkirk Little Ships plus Wartime Leisure Sailing

Commodore of St Mawes Sailing Club, Nigel is a lifelong sailor. He spent 35 years in the boatbuilding industry before becoming a freelance marine writer and photographer. The recent 75th anniversary of the Dunkirk rescue, described in his book Dunkirk Little Ships, makes this an excellent time to learn all about itMore details

Wednesday February 17th

Paul Farrell

Summer cruises on Amoret

GXSA member Paul finally got to visit the Azores!  He will tell us about his voyages on Tony Firth's Amoret, focussing on last summer's cruise taking in Spain, Portugal and the passage home from the Azores.  More details

Wednesday February 24th

Stephen Taylor

Edward Pellew

Edward Pellew, captain of the legendary Indefatigable, was the greatest British frigate captain in the age of sail. Left fatherless at age eight, he fought his way from the very bottom of the navy to fleet command. His biographer Stephen Taylor, an accomplished author, tells us the remarkable story.  More details

Wednesday March 2nd

Linda Crewe-Gee

Girl's Guide to the Southern Ocean

Linda joined a small crew on a traditional Dutch tall ship for a voyage from Auckland across the Southern Ocean via Cape Horn to the Falkland Islands. Wild weather, hard physical work and occasional mishaps make this an inspiring story.  More details

Wednesday March 9th

Colin van Geffen

Calshot - a Place in Time

Colin explains the history of Calshot Castle and the Spit, from Saxon times to the present day.  It has been used  by the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coastguard in peacetime and at war. Pirates, smugglers, ship-wrecks, submarines and much more.   More details

Wednesday March 16th

AGM, followed by

John Dawson - Brittany or Bust

GXSA members John Dawson and Bernie Smallman enjoyed a recent trip to Brittany on Burnadebt. John had been planning a cruise there since he was a teenager. Last year they finally spent some time there.....     More details