Programme Autumn 2013

Circle Line: Around London in a small boat – Steffan Meyric Hughes

In 2009, Steffan sailed and rowed a dinghy around London, writing an entertaining and best-selling book about his experiences in 2012. Hear Steffan talk about this voyage, and some of the other adventures and mishaps in eight years of yachting journalism.

Portsmouth and Southampton: a maritime contrast
Graham Horn

Graham Horn explores the history of merchant port Southampton and premier Naval base Portsmouth, delves into their rivalries and reveals why they came to take on such different roles. Whether it is shipbuilding, trade, defence or football, Portsmouth and Southampton have had a long rivalry. Some 2,000 years in fact. Blue badge Guide Graham will get you to think of the area in a new light when next sailing in the Solent.

A Life Under and Over the Waves – 
Stephen Golliker

Growing up in South Africa sailing dinghies, Stephen has since sailed in submarines for the South African navy, sailed through time on a historical re-enactment in the Bartolomeu Dias, sailed on the Olympics first 49er racing circuit and covered developments in ocean racing.

Sailing around the UK – Against the Clock 
Gordon Harold

In 2006, Gordon, a long standing GXSA member sailed around the UK in his Contessa 32. The trip proved to be challenging and rewarding – both on and off the water - there are yarns a plenty ...

U-boats, Giant Waves and Climate Change –
Isabel Ansorge

A return visit by Dr Ansorge (University of Cape Town) reporting on the brand new Agulhas II research vessel and her Antarctic trials. Isabel will describe new insights into unusual ocean currents, giant waves along the African coasts and climate change developments.

All about Ropes – Justin Jones

Justin Jones is Marine Manager at English Braids and will tell us about the history of the company, different types of ropes and how they are made. The evening will conclude with entertaining demonstrations of various types of rope splicing.

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash – Martin Thomas

Accomplished sailor, surgeon and former OCC Commodore, Martin Thomas describes naval traditions and medicine in the age of sail. Scurvy, amputation, surgery at sea, the press gang and the death of Nelson. Not for the squeamish but certainly an interesting evening...

Caribbean Cruising without a budget – 
John Gorrie

GXSA member John reports on the pleasures of sailing last winter on the ‘Wind Star’ a four-masted 110m sailing yacht. Large beds, flat-screen TV, gourmet cuisine, casino, library, pool and hot tub - all sounds a bit different from our normal GXSA rallies but good to learn how the other half live.

Sailing and boat maintenance - Vyv Cox

Vyv Cox is a mechanical engineer, metallurgist, contributor to Yachting Monthly and keen photographer, who has sailed extensively in cruising yachts. Vyv will share his expertise on yacht maintenance and engineering problems, and describe his cruising in the Mediterranean.

Cast Off for Christmas

More entertaining stories from members about their year’s sailing experiences plus mince pies and seasonal refreshments.