Wednesday 5th February

Alasdair Flint  

Sailing Small Boats to the Arctic


Alasdair Flint is the long-time owner of a 26ft wooden yacht called Sumara. He will talk about his penchant for sailing north to the Arctic. The talk will focus on his 2011 expedition to Jan Mayen to climb the world’s most northerly volcano but will also briefly cover his earlier sail to Spitsbergen and his recent trip to East Greenland with Will Stirling. Whilst these trips could be described as cruises with uncertain outcomes, Alasdair will attempt to explain how careful planning, good kit and the right attitude can help mitigate some of the risks.  In 2012,  Alasdair and Tim Loftus were awarded the prestigious Tilman Medal for their Arctic expedition. More recently, Alasdair has been focussed on breathing new life into the famous Arthur Beale Yacht Chandlers in central London.