Wednesday 7th March

David Bray

Battle of the Atlantic - Convoys and Corvettes



David is a Master Mariner who has sailed many vessels, mainly in the North Sea and Antarctica. He is particularly interested in Square Rigged sailing vessels, has served on the Nautical Institute Sailing Ship committee and has set up a square rig training and examination scheme for ship's officers.

David has been involved in the preservation and management of historic ships and has sailed in a variety of historic sailing vessels, including the Lowestoft sailing trawler “Excelsior” and the Norfolk Wherry “Albion”, where he served as Skipper for eighteen years.

The Battle of the Atlantic was the most critical conflict of World War 2.   Food, fuel and many essential commodities were brought to our shores by the Merchant Navy.   Loss of these essential imports would have very quickly resulted in starvation, and would have forced Great Britain to negotiate surrender terms.   This is the story of the desperate struggle to defeat the menace of the U-boats. It is a tribute to the men of the merchant navy who gave their lives manning this lifeline.