Wednesday 7th February

Bill Brockbank

Crossing to Norway in a Wayfarer




Inspired by an extraordinary coincidence which led Bill Brockbank to hear first hand about Frank Dye’s 1963 Wayfarer trip from Scotland to Iceland, Bill eventually cajoled Frank into letting him crew the 1964 trip from Scotland to Norway via the Faroe Islands.

The Iceland tale featured cold, exhaustion, continual gales and running short of food. The Faroes trip added continual seasickness, a force 9 gale (following 3 others), 35ft waves, four capsizes, two mast breakages and more...

Bill will talk about the experience, show the film he and Frank made at the time, and answer questions. Expect tributes to Frank Dye (who died 2010) and to those whose hardship, experience and meticulous planning allowed each trip to build on all that prior experience. Frank turned a vision into successive realities and inspired his crews: Keith Carter, John Buckingham (twice), American Staff Sgt Rod Thompson, and Russell Brockbank.

Its amazing to think that Ian Proctor, who designed the Wayfarer and many other dinghies, would have been 100 years old this year, 2018 !

You can read more about this story in an article by Charlie English