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Cruising Logs

Here is a selection of stories from our Members about their adventures in boats.  Some stories are long, others are short.  We hope that you will enjoy reading them.

See you on the water....

Announcements about the awards programme, and winners

Articles about how we organise ourselves.

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Meet Your Committee

Hre are a few words about each of the committee members, and their contact details should you wish to get involved.

You will see that there are currently several vacancies, which means that each Committee Member is working harder than normal.  Please volunteer, if you are physically able to do so.


Previous members of the Committee

Articles about:

  • General Data Protection Regulations
  • Information Commissioners Offfice

These organisations are known to GXSA, either by members involvement with theorganisation, or on recommendation from members

Parent group for all the lecture programmes (old and current)

and specific articles about each lecture

Holder for details about each lecture, including intro and extro text

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Initially, this is likely to be a very short summary, but will be expanded two weeks before the lecture.

The publication dates for the summary should be set to start publishing at 22:00 on the previous Wednesday, and they should not stop publishing.

The featured status should be SET when the article is created, so that it will automatically appear on the home page, as soon as it starts publishing.

The Webmaster should CLEAR the "Featured" status immediately after a lecture, to prevent the summary appearing on the home page.

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Welcome to Our Archive of Earlier Programmes

GXSA has been running since 1966.  We have delivered over 1000 weekly lectures over that time, delivered by our amazing guest speakers and our own wonderful members.

To easily review the archives, choose from the links below.   If you're looking for something specific, use the search-box at the top-right of the webpage.

Enjoy the archive.

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This is standing text that rarely changes.

"Olds", rather than "News" !!

Articles about how to use the site, get things done in GXSA, Pest practices, etc.

Help articles that are of use to the general public

This category is for articles that don't normally appear.

Primary example is survey forms that we don't want to publicise too much, but we do want to be able to email out ant be accessible on the site

Our Shopping Mall

Thes boats are for sale

Articles about boats that are for sale