Cate Goffe submitted this memoire for the Peter Batterley Trophy in 2021



We were a crew of six on “Jimpa” a Westerly Fulmar heading for Barfleur. An easy crossing with high tide in the harbour.

Low tide in the morning as the boat sat on the stoney bottom with the crew in eager anticipation of exploring the town.  Andrew climbed up the very high steep ladder to the quayside shouting down to the eager ladder scalers “There’s a market here”

We soon discovered the wine stall where tasters were imbibed and a few bottles purchased to sample.  Together in the cockpit with our baguettes and cheese we sampled the wine, making lists of which to buy.  It was the time when we were rationed with wine being brought in so it was important to get the quantities correct.

Andrew, a great joker, scaled the steep ladder armed with lists and cash.  “It has gone” he shouted “The market has gone!”  And it had!  “Quick” said Mike  “We will catch the market in St Vaast!”

Anxious not to miss out we sailed into St Vaast and there was no sign of a market there either!  Trundling around the quayside we entered the cheese aromaed Monsieur Grosselin  store.  We sampled more wine, bought cheese and Grosselin Goodies and staggered back to the boat a happy crew.

PS: Nine months later Mark Jimpa. St Vaast , Barfleur was born – that is what we christened him!


Cate Goffe