Cast Off Photo Competition entries and results

Here are the Cast-Off Photo competition entries for 2020, with results


Category: Boating

Brian O’Leary
Atop The Mast [Brian O'Leary]
Wolfgang Ansorge - Isabelle

Isabel Ansorge at age 15 at the wheel of the Polish barquentine POGORIA in Cape Town. This photo was featured in the CAPE ARGUS newspaper.

Isabel, now a professor and head of Oceanography of the University of Cape Town, gave a talk to GXSA on No. 11.
She has delivered talks at GXSA in 2010, 2013, and 2020.
[Wolfgang Ansorge]
Ray Bridges - On Watch
On Watch [Ray Bridges]
Derek Youell - Parade of Boats, River Yealm, 2016
Parade of Boats, River Yealm, 2016 [Derek Youell]
Gerry Knight - Catch Me If You Can, ARC, 2010
Catch Me If You Can - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, 2010
[Gerry Knight]
Paul Farrell - dinghy_sailing_canouan_16-2-20
Dinghy Sailing Canouan, St.Vincent, 16-2-20 [Paul Farrell]
MartinAlexander - Superyacht

MV Spirit of Avalon was not alone in being berthed all summer in Ocean Village Marina. Even the big boys where there all summer as well!

Erik Vischer - Across The Pond
Across The Pond [Erik Vischer]
David Horn - Galley Slave
Galley Slave [David Horn]
John Dawson - Pontoon Double Take
Pontoon Double Take [John Dawson]
Geoff Matthews - Threatened Cats
Threatened Cats [Geoff Matthews]

Category: Scenic

Brian O’Leary
Shrimpers [Brian O'Leary]
John Dawson - Brentford on Thames
Brentford on Thames [John Dawson]
Philip Young - CorsicaCoast2011
Corsica Coast 2011 [Philip Young]
David Horn - ShepherdsWarning
Shepherd's Warning [David Horn]
Andy Oliver - Watercolour.
Watercolour. [Andy Oliver]


Derek Youell - SchilthornSwitzerland
Schilthorn, Switzerland [Derek Youell]
MartinAlexander -
Paul Farrell - anchored_worbarrow_bay_15-8-20
Anchored at Worbarrow Bay, 15th August 2020 [Paul Farrell]
Erik Vischer - Boatscape
Boatscape [Erik Vischer]
Geoff Matthews - OnTheLookout
On The Lookout [Geoff Matthews]
Gerry Knight - NoMooringRodneyHarbourStLucia
No Mooring, Rodney Harbour, St. Lucia [Gerry Knight]

Category: Humour

Ray Bridges - GoodAdvice
Good Advice [Ray Bridges]
John Dawson - SteadyAsSheGoes
Steady As She Goes [John Dawson]
Derek Youell - SkinnyPeople..
Skinny People.. [Derek Youell]


Gordon Sims - Cat House
Keep an Eye Open... [Gordon Sims]
Philip Young - Cabbages
My efforts at growing cabbages have been greatly appreciated by the garden wildlife[Philip Young]
David Horn - TiedUpToAnOverheadTree
Tied Up To An Overhead Tree [David Horn]
Gerry Knight - SparkleLaundryRodneyHarbourStLucia
Sparkle Laundry, Rodney Harbour, St.Lucia [Gerry Knight]
Paul Farrell - caribbean_shop_feb_2020
Caribbean Shop, Feb 2020 [Paul Farrell]
Geoff Matthews - PissoirsExotiques
Pissoirs Exotiques [Geoff Matthews]
Brian O’Leary
What Did I Leave In The Dinghy [Brian O'Leary]
MartinAlexander - SunniesDog
Sunnie Dog [MartinAlexander]

Category: What I did during Lockdown

David Horn - Growing Tomatoes
Growing Tomatoes [David Horn]
Paul Farrell - Garden And Pets, May, 2020
Garden And Pets, May, 2020 [Paul Farrell]
Brian O’Leary
I did Zoom, and more Zoom [Brian O'Leary]
Gerry Knight - Built Bedroom Cupboards
I Built Bedroom Cupboards [Gerry Knight]
Derek Youell - Mary Rose (Progress So Far)
Mary Rose (Progress So Far) [Derek Youell]
Bernie Smallman - Walk at Sunrise
Walked round Ealing at Sunrise [Bernie Smallman]


Geoff Matthews - BottleHouse
I built a Bottle House - still needs more bottles !!! [Geoff Matthews]
Erik Vischer - BuiltAMirrorDinghy
I Built A Mirror Dinghy [Erik Vischer]
Philip Young - OutdoorDarts
Outdoor darts is particularly suitable for yachtsmen, who are accustomed to allowing for the wind
[Philip Young]
Ray Bridges - LongMorningWalks
LongMorningWalks [Ray Bridges]
MartinAlexander - WFB
MV Spirit of Avalon’s conversion to an office for WFB (working from boat) [MartinAlexander]