2020 Events

 Wayfarer dinghy hull available -  this dinghy was acquired by a GXSA member with a generous donation to the Tall Ships Youth Trust.

Cast-Off for Christmas

Our regular pre-Christmas party (this time on Zoom) went well.  The Photo Competition had 44 entries (you can see the entries and winners by clicking here).

Congratulations and Well Done to the winning entries:

Autumn 2020 Sailing Rallies

Because of Covid limitations, these are being held as informal gatherings determined by interest of boat skippers.

  • 5th September at East Head, Chichester. Anchoring overnight and beach barbeque.  5 GXSA boats came to the anchorage but only 3 intrepid crews went ashore for the beach barbeque. It was warmer than it looks in the picture...
  • On 19th September, Burnadebt and Sonar crews met up for in Yarmouth, while obeying the "Rule of 6". A nice downwind sail from Portsmouth on the Saturday. It was a big spring tide so we also enjoyed the tide assisted sailing to windward on the Sunday morning back to Portsmouth.


"Pub lunch" (Zoom Online)

  • Tuesday 8th September
  • Wednesday 8th July


Summer Quiz  (Zoom Online)

  • Wednesday 3rd June


Annual Dinner 2020

  • Saturday 14th March

This was at Gerrards Cross Golf Club; Download Dinner Menu and Booking Form

A memorable evening just before gatherings became inadvisable because of the Covid19 outbreak. 



The GXSA Annual Awards, cups and trophies were also presented at the Annual dinner.


Bus trip to SS Great Britain, Bristol

  • Saturday 29th February 2020

SS Great Britain. Picture, copyright Matt Buck

30 members attended and we mostly dodged the heavy showers !  This was an excellent day out with just the right amount to see in the time we had there. 

The bus left the Gerrards Cross Memorial Centre at 0830 arriving about 1115. We had a nice introduction inside the dry dock from Museum staff and mostly went round the exhibition and ship  before lunch.  After lunch we visited the Brunel museum and went round the ship again.  We left at 1530 and were back by 1815. Cost of the trip (£34) included entry to the SS Great Britain. 


Cast Off Photo Competition entries and results

Here are the Cast-Off Photo competition entries for 2020, with results


Category: Boating

Brian O’Leary
Atop The Mast [Brian O'Leary]
Wolfgang Ansorge - Isabelle

Isabel Ansorge at age 15 at the wheel of the Polish barquentine POGORIA in Cape Town. This photo was featured in the CAPE ARGUS newspaper.

Isabel, now a professor and head of Oceanography of the University of Cape Town, gave a talk to GXSA on No. 11.
She has delivered talks at GXSA in 2010, 2013, and 2020.
[Wolfgang Ansorge]
Ray Bridges - On Watch
On Watch [Ray Bridges]
Derek Youell - Parade of Boats, River Yealm, 2016
Parade of Boats, River Yealm, 2016 [Derek Youell]
Gerry Knight - Catch Me If You Can, ARC, 2010
Catch Me If You Can - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, 2010
[Gerry Knight]
Paul Farrell - dinghy_sailing_canouan_16-2-20
Dinghy Sailing Canouan, St.Vincent, 16-2-20 [Paul Farrell]
MartinAlexander - Superyacht

MV Spirit of Avalon was not alone in being berthed all summer in Ocean Village Marina. Even the big boys where there all summer as well!

Erik Vischer - Across The Pond
Across The Pond [Erik Vischer]
David Horn - Galley Slave
Galley Slave [David Horn]
John Dawson - Pontoon Double Take
Pontoon Double Take [John Dawson]
Geoff Matthews - Threatened Cats
Threatened Cats [Geoff Matthews]

Category: Scenic

Brian O’Leary
Shrimpers [Brian O'Leary]
John Dawson - Brentford on Thames
Brentford on Thames [John Dawson]
Philip Young - CorsicaCoast2011
Corsica Coast 2011 [Philip Young]
David Horn - ShepherdsWarning
Shepherd's Warning [David Horn]
Andy Oliver - Watercolour.
Watercolour. [Andy Oliver]


Derek Youell - SchilthornSwitzerland
Schilthorn, Switzerland [Derek Youell]
MartinAlexander -
Paul Farrell - anchored_worbarrow_bay_15-8-20
Anchored at Worbarrow Bay, 15th August 2020 [Paul Farrell]
Erik Vischer - Boatscape
Boatscape [Erik Vischer]
Geoff Matthews - OnTheLookout
On The Lookout [Geoff Matthews]
Gerry Knight - NoMooringRodneyHarbourStLucia
No Mooring, Rodney Harbour, St. Lucia [Gerry Knight]

Category: Humour

Ray Bridges - GoodAdvice
Good Advice [Ray Bridges]
John Dawson - SteadyAsSheGoes
Steady As She Goes [John Dawson]
Derek Youell - SkinnyPeople..
Skinny People.. [Derek Youell]


Gordon Sims - Cat House
Keep an Eye Open... [Gordon Sims]
Philip Young - Cabbages
My efforts at growing cabbages have been greatly appreciated by the garden wildlife[Philip Young]
David Horn - TiedUpToAnOverheadTree
Tied Up To An Overhead Tree [David Horn]
Gerry Knight - SparkleLaundryRodneyHarbourStLucia
Sparkle Laundry, Rodney Harbour, St.Lucia [Gerry Knight]
Paul Farrell - caribbean_shop_feb_2020
Caribbean Shop, Feb 2020 [Paul Farrell]
Geoff Matthews - PissoirsExotiques
Pissoirs Exotiques [Geoff Matthews]
Brian O’Leary
What Did I Leave In The Dinghy [Brian O'Leary]
MartinAlexander - SunniesDog
Sunnie Dog [MartinAlexander]

Category: What I did during Lockdown

David Horn - Growing Tomatoes
Growing Tomatoes [David Horn]
Paul Farrell - Garden And Pets, May, 2020
Garden And Pets, May, 2020 [Paul Farrell]
Brian O’Leary
I did Zoom, and more Zoom [Brian O'Leary]
Gerry Knight - Built Bedroom Cupboards
I Built Bedroom Cupboards [Gerry Knight]
Derek Youell - Mary Rose (Progress So Far)
Mary Rose (Progress So Far) [Derek Youell]
Bernie Smallman - Walk at Sunrise
Walked round Ealing at Sunrise [Bernie Smallman]


Geoff Matthews - BottleHouse
I built a Bottle House - still needs more bottles !!! [Geoff Matthews]
Erik Vischer - BuiltAMirrorDinghy
I Built A Mirror Dinghy [Erik Vischer]
Philip Young - OutdoorDarts
Outdoor darts is particularly suitable for yachtsmen, who are accustomed to allowing for the wind
[Philip Young]
Ray Bridges - LongMorningWalks
LongMorningWalks [Ray Bridges]
MartinAlexander - WFB
MV Spirit of Avalon’s conversion to an office for WFB (working from boat) [MartinAlexander]