Wondering why you don't receive GXSA notices.

You've subscribed to GXSA and find that you are not receiving GXSA emails that announce meetings or provide specific notices to members. These emails are sent approximately weekly throughout the "talks season" and less frequently in GXSA "off season". There are several reasons for email blocking, one of which is that GXSA emails are being designated as spam by your mail service provider/ISP. GXSA may not know if its outgoing mail is being caught in spam filters. There are a number of steps that you can take to reduce the chance of this happening. If you continue to get problems please contact the GXSA webmaster.


BT internet and Yahoo

When logged into your web mail server never hit the "Spam button" when either viewing or marking the checkbox next to a GXSA email. Hitting this button may prevent not only you from receiving further emails from GXSA, but also stop others subscribed to the GXSA mailing lists from receiving them.

If there are emails in your spam box from GXSA mark them as not spam. This will move the email to your inbox. If you wish to unsubscribe from GXSA, do so by replying to the email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line, or by contacting the webmaster via the contact-us page. All GXSA bulk emails have an unsubscribe option.

Add the address from which GXSA emails are sent to the addresses in your address book as a new contact, and send a test email to the address. This will be acknowledged by the webmaster.

If you temporarily wish to suspend receiving emails from GXSA unsubscribe as above, by using any of the GXSA emails you will have received. When you are ready to re-subscribe, do so using the contact-us page of the web site.

The above steps should help you receive GXSA emails. However success is not assured and you are advised to look occasionally at your bulk mail and spam mail boxes on the web mail server, and if GXSA incoming mail is present treat entries accordingly. Do not ever mark a GXSA email as spam.



When reviewing/reading your messages, never hit the "Report Spam" button. Hitting this button may prevent you from getting email from anyone with a GXSA mail address.

If you do hit the "Report Spam" button by mistake, please take the following steps to make sure you continue to get your email:

Access the "Spam Folder" in the lower right-hand corner of your mailbox. Then click on the email that you mistakenly reported as spam in the spam folder, click on the "This is not Spam" button at the bottom of the spam folder.

Complete these simple steps to make sure you receive all GXSA emails:

Add the email address from which GXSA notices are sent to your AOL Email Address Book

Starting from your AOL Homepage Under Mail in top left corner, click Read. Then under Mail Options pull down to Address Book, click Add, then Save.

Make sure emails sent to you by GXSA are not automatically deleted:

Under Mail Options pull down to "Block Unwanted Mail" Choose one of the filters under "Control Who I Get Email From" and leave the setting as"Allow mail from all senders". No other action is required.

However if you choose anything other than "Allow mail from all senders," you need to follow these additional instructions:

Under "Blocked mail should be" select "Delivered to Spam Folder" then click Save. This forces all emails sent to you by GXSA into your "Spam Folder" instead of your inbox.

If images do not appear in your GXSA emails click the "Show images & enable links" at the top of your mail.

Windows Hotmail

Never click the "Junk" button with an email from GXSA. Hitting this button may prevent you and other hotmail subscribers from receiving emails. Emails marked as junk will be automatically sent to your "Junk E-mail" folder and deleted. Reporting and blocking an email will prevent any and all email from GXSA members from getting to your inbox.

Make sure there are no emails from GXSA in your Junk E-mail folder. If you find one, check the box "Not Junk". Clicking this button will allow you to receive emails from GXSA. (Emails marked as Junk are automatically sent to your Junk email folder and eventually deleted)

If you open an email from GXSA that is located in your Junk E-Mail folder, click on the icon "Not Junk Mail".

Please complete the simple steps below to make sure all GXSA.org.uk email is delivered to your Hotmail Inbox:

Add gxsa.org.uk email domain to your "Safe List": Starting from your Hotmail Inbox click on Options on the right-hand side of the screen. Then click on "More options..."

in the drop down select "Safe and blocked senders" under the Junk e-mail heading, click on "Safe Senders" .

Add "@gxsa.org.uk" to the safe senders list.


Other Mail Services

To ensure that GXSA communications are not filtered into your “junk/bulk” folder, select the Add/Save to Address Book function in your email browser and follow the appropriate instructions to save the GXSA address in your address book. Please contact your email provider if you would like assistance.


Many email providers have “spam” or “junk” functions that will automatically delete or block emails that you report as “spam” or “junk.” Hitting these buttons may prevent you, and all others indefinitely, from receiving email from GXSA — not just the individual email that you may not wish to view. For best results, avoid using these functions with GXSA and instead use the "unsubscribe" link as instructed in each email. If your received email looks distorted or if the links within the email do not work, your email provider may automatically send emails to your inbox with the images and links deliberately turned off.

Please contact your email provider for assistance on allowing images and links to display in your email.