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GXSA will know of the strong affinity we have with "Colne Valley Sailors" which aims to give confidence to young disabled people through sailing using facilities at Bury Lake in Rickmansworth.

GXSA member Timadra Slade is delighted to report a very successful summer and thank GXSA for the volunteers provided. CVSS sail until the end of October and if in the meantime you feel you can help, give Timandra a call on 01494 783822.


Hone up your sailing skills

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Westview Sailing is an RYA training school with a close affinity to GXSA. They offer evening, day and weekend courses ashore and afloat locally and at all levels for those keen to enhance their sailing skills.

The chief instructor is Duncan Wells who has given inspiring talks to many clubs, including GXSA. He is a regular contributor to sailing magazines "Sailing Today" and "Yachting Monthly". More details can be found on the site Westview Sailing, by telephoning Duncan at 01753 890555 or on his Facebook page There are also a number of excellent training videos published on uTube

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