by Cate Goffe

You are off for a weeks sailing, so how do you pack for the trip?


Do you:

1.Lay out everything on the bed, stuff most of it in, and then take half out as N.W.O.V. { Not wanted on voyage)


2.Do you file your clothes? Shirts neatly ironed and filed in order down the bag?  Need a clean shirt -cast your down the neat file and pull  it out . Dirties in plastic bag on outside of the yellow bag.  Oilies laid neatly on the top with wellies.


3.Do you put shirts in one clear plastic bag, undies and socks in another and T shirts and fleeces in another?  Deodorant N.W.O.V. - too pungent in small space.   Oilies on top and wellies in plastic bag.


4.O.K.weeks sailing.!  3 polo shirts, 4 pants,4 pairs socks, fleece, spare trousers. Shove them all in.  Pills in day-by-day reminder box.  Oilies and boots on top of bag.


5.Ladies bag: 

  • 3 T shirts,
  • 6 knickers,
  • 4 pairs socks,
  • 3 pairs trousers.
  • 2 :going to pub tops”
  • 2 jerseys,
  • trendy hat,
  • sunnies, and
  • sun cream . 

Carmen rulers N.W.O.V.. Oilies on top neatly folded, wellies in hand with handbag and wide smile of anticipation.


So How DO you pack your sailing bag?