RYA First Aid CourseSaturday February 13th


13 Members of GXSA proudly show off their new RYA First Aid Certificates

Carol-Anne & Peter Pocock in front, with their dog, Jessica!



13 members attended the First Aid Course delivered by Starlight Coaching, in Hedgerley Village Hall, on Saturday.


This RYA sponsored course is a required component for the RYA Yacht Master certification.  For those people with a Commercial Extension to their Yacht Master the First Aid course must be re-taken every three years.


For the rest of us, it’s an incredibly useful learning experience:


The morning began with general life-saving techniques covering Cardiac Arrest (electrical failure in the heart) and Heart Attack (mechanical failure).  We learnt the techniques of CPR using anatomical mannequins and how to sing “Nellie the Elephant” whilst saving somebody’s life!


The morning closed with a session on the Heimlich Manoeuvre to stop people choking, and how to remove a blockage from somebody’s throat (Cough, Look, Bash, Squeeze – for those on the course!).


After a very nice lunch at the White Horse in Hedgerley, we returned for the afternoon session, which had a more nautical aspect to it, involving the many ways that water and boats can kill people and how to stop this happening, from preventing bleeding with a tourniquet, via proper use of a bandage, to the correct way to use a defibrillator.


Having been on this course, I really think that it should be mandatory, and taught in school!!


Many thanks to Graham Fairhead for organizing it, and to Peter and Carol-Anne Pocock for delivering the course.


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Peter and Carol-Anne Pocock  First Aid TrainingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Other websites: /http://www.beyondcoldwaterbootcamp.com/