GXSA Rally to Island Harbour, 13 September 2014.

by Chris Green

We are very grateful to GXSA member Chris Green for organising this enjoyable weekend.


A lovely sunny autumn day saw 6 boats and 19 people attend our Island Harbour rally. The marina happened to be holding their annual open day on the same day as our rally and these proceedings were in full swing when most of our boats arrived.

For those who have not been to Island Harbour, it is a small marina behind a lock, with access about 2 hours each side of high water; most of our boats arrived during the mid afternoon high water free flow. The marina had all the GXSA boats grouped on one pontoon which made it easy for chatting between the GXSA crews and also very convenient for our pontoon party which was held between 18:30 and 19:30, this worked well as sunset was about 19:30.

There is only one restaurant ‘The Breeze’ local to the marina and they had booked a live band for the evening. We had two tables furthest from the band but even so conversation ended when the music started.

Nothing else to do but join in with the dancing and general high jinks which went on to about 23:30.

A good time had by all.

About half the group set off to walk up the Medina to Newport on Sunday morning only to find that the riverside footpath was closed, we never found out why but suspect that the path had been eroded by earlier storms. A smaller group walked to ‘The Folly’ and as it turned out probably had the best plan.

The larger group managed to walk to Newport but most of the distance was alongside a busy road so not the best walk we have had. Tea and coffee in Newport and for some a top deck bus ride back to our boats for a mid afternoon departure.