Chichester Yacht Club - 28th June 2014

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Here is your invitation to the GXSA Rally on June 28th, where we will be guests of Chichester Yacht Club, in their brand new building at Premier Marina, Chichester.

We're looking forward to a sunny weekend, some interesting sights around the beautiful Chichester Harbour Nature Conservancy, and a rendezvous with friends at Premier Marina.

Rally regulars will be familiar with the social format, which comprises the normal Pontoon Party, followed by dinner in our private room, in the Club House.

More details about Chichester Yacht Club can be found here:

  • Skippers: Bring your boat, and your friends, or let us know if you have some vacancies
  • Crew: Persuade your skipper friends to bring you, or let us know that you would like to come, and we'll try to find you a berth
  • Charterers: Find a crew, and bring a boat
  • Drivers: Bring your car to Chichester for the day, and dine out with us in the evening

Don't have a boat?  Let us know, and we will try to find a berth for you.  We have several skippers with spare berths, and we can usually accommodate extras


If you've not been to a GXSA Rally before, COME ALONG - We're sure you will enjoy yourself.  Everyone is welcome.

The closing date for signing up, with menu choices,  is Monday 14th June .  The price is £25 per person to include Drinks, Nibbles, and Conversation at the Pontoon Party, followed by dinner.  Mooring fees are extra, payable directly to Premier Marinas, when you get there.  The £25 can be paid by cheque payable to GXSA, or via online banking to the GXSA bank account, referencing your name and "Chi".

If you'd like to come along, either reply to this email, or contact Stuart Gaunt directly  (07831 808035, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Special Event

Here's a notice from the Harbour Master - You may want to get your fog-horn dusted off, ready for use

Chichester Harbour Local Notice to Mariners No 10 of 2014


1. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has requested participation in their initiative to commemorate the event that triggered the First World War on 28 June 1914.

In this context, UNESCO has requested that on 28 June 2014, all vessels at sea, if practical, to fly ship's flags/ensigns at half mast, to indicate mourning in remembrance of the Centenary of World War I.

UNESCO has further requested that vessels moored in harbours use a remembrance sound signal on the same day at 1700 UTC being the hour of the first shot fired in the conflict, to commemorate the Centenary.

2. Chichester Harbour Conservancy supports this initiative and authorise the Masters of all vessels moored in the harbour to sound ONE PROLONGED BLAST at 1800 BST 28 June 2014.

3. Byelaw 23 (Sounding of Sirens) will not be enforced during this event.

4. Cancel this LNTM 29 June 2014

Richard Craven 18 June 2014

Harbour Master

 Thanks to Gerry Knight and John Rugg for pointing this out.

Sunday Morning Optional Exercise

Provided that the weather is kind to us, I've found a short walk to burn off some of the liquid-calories from the night before.  It will also give you something to do whilst waiting for the tide to turn, for that fair run home.

If you'd like to join me for a short walk on Sunday morning, I found this walk from Chichester Marina to Dell Quay, and back.  As we would skip the first part (from the road to the marina), it's probably approx.3 miles, so should take less than a couply of hours (if we amble along).

Join me if you like: Chichester Marina to Dell Quay

Crew List

So far we have confirmations from the following people & boats.  Please let me know if you would like to come along, as well.

Boat Crew Dinner, Paid   Boat Crew Dinner, Paid
Gnutcracker VI

John Gorrie
June Gorrie
Paul Farrell
Roger Knight

BDH, chq
ADG, bacs

  Sonar Too

Ray Bridges
Leon Jacklin
David Coulthard

ADH, bacs
BDG chq
BDG, bacs


Stuart Gaunt
Sue Gaunt
Graham Fairhead
Kathy Fairhead
Philip Young

BDH, bacs
BDH, bacs


John Rugg
Moira Rugg

BDH, bacs
BDG, bacs

Celtic Flame

Chris Green
Wendy Green
Colin Smith

AEH(custard!), bacs
BDG, bacs
BEG, ???
  Sun Fleur Mark Gardener
John Gardener
ADH, chq
BDH, bacs
Burnadebt John Dawson
Bernie Smallman
Steve Daish
Rob ?
Jane ?
Richard Woodman

ADG, bacs
BDH, bacs
ADH, bacs
ADC, bacs
ADG, bacs
ADG  bacs

  Beyond Belief

Gerry Knight
Ann Knight

BDG, bacs
BDG, bacs

Nick Lemon
Ann Corrigan

BDH, bacs
BDG, bacs




Please let me know your selection for dinner, before the due date (14th June)


A - Pate & Toast
B - Melon and Parma Ham which will be served with a ginger dressing


D - Chicken, ham and leek pie served with new potatoes and vegetables
E - Cottage pie served with rice and vegetables


G - Creme Brulee
H - Apple pie served with custard or cream
We've chosen a homely menu for this rally... hence the bargain price of only £25 per head.

Arrival at Chichester Marina

SKIPPERS: Please call the lock keeper on VHF 80 when you are approaching the marina to receive locking in instructions, and guidance on where to berth.

Apparently, free flow at the lock is:

  • Saturday 28th : 11.46 to 15.21 BST
  • Sunday 29th : 12.27 to 16.02 BST

The marina is hoping to get us all located near one another.


For navigation, you may like to look at the "YachtPilot" web page:

Access across the entrance to Chichester Harbour is recommended at HW±3. give HW on

June 28th

LW  05:07 1.06m

HW 12:04 4.56m

LW  17:24 1.25m


June 29th

LW 05:44 1.04m

HW 12:41 4.57m

LW 18:01 1.26m

 Map of Chichester Harbour