2014 Cruise to Normandy 9th - 17th August 2014

To mark the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion, this year the GXSA Summer Cruise is heading to Normandy.

Our focus will be to the east, with larger ports, and more room for a small fleet of yachts.  We plan to visit the quaint ports of the Baie de la Seine and focus on Sword Beach, which was the subject of the British invasion force. 

Today, the area is very pleasant, beautiful, and safe, with deep-water harbours providing good shelter to yachts (so long as you arrive near high water!).

Map of the Normandy Invasion Beaches


The following map shows the ports that we aim to visit.  Click the map to see the Google map in all its glory !

We've allowed the full weekend for arrival to Le Havre, to allow for foul weather, late departure, etc..

Skippers may like to consider a first stop in Fecamp, as this is 80 miles from Portsmouth, and accessible at most states of tide.  Roughly similar passage time as going to Cherbourg.

Day August From To Distance (Nm)      Dinner
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Monday 11th Home Le Havre 100   Le Havre
Tuesday 12th Le Havre Honfleur 10   Honfleur
Wednesday 13th Honfleur Deauville 10   Deauville
Thursday 14th Deauville Cabourg 10   Cabourg
Friday 15th Cabourg Ouistreham 8   Ouistreham
Saturday 16th Ouistreham Home 105