Wednesday 2nd November

Bernie Smallman & Stuart Gaunt

The Confessional – If I Had Known Then, What I know Now...


 Sunday morning off Lymington    


Sunset in Newtown Creek

This is what Sailing SHOULD be like....

There is a Chinese curse: “May You Live in Interesting Times”. Few of us MUST go boating; we do it for pleasure.  Sometimes things go wrong to make it more challenging. Tonight we aim to re-educate you about the things that can go wrong, and how to make them go right!   The backbone of the evening will be Bernie telling us about her experiences whilst boating this summer, and how to avoid them happening to you, and Stuart’s “Holiday to the Channel Islands”, and the lessons that you might take away from that.
We will also be calling for “Lessons from the Floor”, so if you have any experiences that you are prepared to share, please let us know. The good thing is that we’re all still alive to tell the tales.  Let’s keep it that way.

Also Sale of RNLI Christmas cards, Calendars and Diaries this week.