Wednesday 13th January

Jeremy Batch

Going Boldly - Across, Beneath and Beyond the Ocean

One of our favourite speakers, Jeremy returns to entertain us with a wide ranging and amusing account of marine historical developments that we all take for granted today.


What sort of lifejackets did the ancient Egyptians wear, and how did the Inuit make their kayaks self-righting?  How did the Assyrians manage to swim in full armour, and when did we first learn to breathe underwater?  How is it that we have overcome scurvy but not been able to do the same with seasickness?  How did the shipworm help Marc Brunel to drive a tunnel under the Thames, and why was the champagne flat at the party?  How did the tomato worm and an underwear company help twelve men to walk on the Moon, and what will the next generation of spacesuits and diving suits look like?  Who were Gill, Gore, Hansen, Musto, Henri and Lloyd, and if we can land men on the Moon, why can't we make a warm, waterproof glove?  You may not have thought about these questions before but Jeremy has all the answers !..