03 – Awards – History

Previous Winners

The Bob Gammack Memorial Trophy

For exceptional effort on behalf of the association, or in achieving a personal goal.

2021 Not awarded.  Covid-19 Pandemic meant that nobody was allowed to leave their home
2020 Ray Prowse For services to GXSA, as a Committee Member, Officer, and Chairman of the Association.  Thanks from all your friends
2019 Mavis and Alun Roberts  
2018 Stuart Gaunt  
2017 Graham and Kathy Fairhead  
2015 Roger Knight  
2014 Ken Moss  
2013 Geoff Clitheroe  
2012 Ray Prowse  
2011 Wendy Gentle  
2010 Ken Powell  
2009 Linda Harper  
2008 Duncan Wells   
2007 Geoff Clitheroe  
2006 Phill Snowden   
2005 Fred Hughes  
2004 Gil Ireland  
2003 –   
2002 Paul Covell  
2001 Gordon Mathews  
2000 Keith Varcoe  
1999 Ian Cox  
1998 Skipper and Crew of Kwenda   
1997 Bob Allman  
1996 –   
1995 Sally and Clive Nelson-Roberts  
1994 Ken Kennard  
1993 Graham Lock  
1992 –   
1991 Hugh and Angela Farrant  
1990 Judith Hall  
1989 Howard H Measham  
1988 Doreen and Archie Annan  

Silver Jubilee Trophy

Sailing beyond their horizons

2021 –  Not awarded.  Covid-19 Pandemic meant that nobody was allowed to leave their home
2020 Martin Goodchild For long distance sailing via the Azores, Baltic, and to Portugal
2019 Phil Haigh Phil learned to sail aboard the Clipper Around the World Ocean Challenge yachts, aboard Visit Seatle.
2018 John Rugg  
2017 Colin Smith  
2016 Diana and Paul Farrell  
2014 Martin Alexander  
2013 Rob Johnstone  
2012 Mike & Mary Allan  
2011 John Apps  
2010 Ray Bridges  
2009 Bernie Smallman and John Dawson  
2008 John Apps  
2007 John Apps  
2006 Barry Meacham  
2005 Mike and Mary Allan  
2004 George Lipscomb  
2003 George Lipscomb  
2002 Karen and Andrew Walker  
2001 George Lipscombe  
2000 Peter Poole  
1999 Ken Shaw  
1998 Glyn Hughes  
1997 John and Barbara Rountree  
1996 Sally and Clive Nelson-Roberts  
1995 Trenna and Maurice Sansom  
1994 Gordon Mathews  
1993 Peter Walmer  
1992 Mr and Mrs D C Lane, Mr and Mrs T G Wood  
1991 John Hayward  


The Ruby Cup

For encouraging others into sailing…

2021 Not awarded.  Covid-19 Pandemic meant that nobody was allowed to leave their home
2020 Ray Bridges For active participation and sponsoring Youth Sailing in Grenada
2019 Bernie Smallman For consistent generosity in offering berths aboard her boat to others, so they can attend GXSA rallies
2017 Robert Freeman For helping young water enthusiasts (canoeists and sailors) every Saturday at the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre
2016 Timandra Slade For helping young water enthusiasts (canoeists and sailors) at the Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre
2015 Mike Goffe A lifetime achievement award for Mike.  Read about his life here.
2014 Sue Gaunt  
2013 Timandra Slade  
2012 Peter Poole  
2009 Ray Bridges  
2008 Ray Bridges  
2007 –   
2006 Reg and Chris Hadwen  

The Peter Batterley Trophy for Photo-Journalism

For the best article, by popular vote

2021 Gerry Knight A Seychelles Cruise
2020 John Apps HelgoLand
2019 Ted Sutton 1979 Family Cruising
2018 Bob Hazell Sailing from Antigua to Ireland
2017 Gordon Sims 2016 Thames Traditional Boat Festival
2016 Gordon Sims Renovating Chimere
2015 John Rugg Family Trailer Sailing





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