Programme Autumn 2016

Talks begin at 8.15pm, bar and coffee open from 7.30pm

Elaine and Bob Hazell

From Kiwis to Orangutans

Elaine and Bob are on a Round the World Odyssey, and taking the time out to tell GXSA all about it. Their second leg took them from New Zealand to Borneo.  A fantastic tale of global adventure.     More details

Wednesday October 19th

Colin van Geffen

Nelson and HMS Victory – Their Lives and Times

HMS Victory is best remembered as Nelson’s flagship at Trafalgar in 1805. Speaker and artist Colin van Geffen returns to describe key successes and failures of two of our best known historical icons. We hear how their paths crossed, culminating at Trafalgar – and what followed.  More details

Wednesday October 26th

Helen Doe

Cornwall – a Maritime History

Cornwall has the longest coastline of any county in England and Wales and is the most maritime of counties. From pirates to privateers and from wars to world trade, Cornwall’s heritage is  much more than just Tin and Fish ! More details

Wednesday November 2nd

The Confessional – If I Had Known Then, What I know Now…

Bernie Smallman & Stuart Gaunt

Sailing is an education that we frequently forget.  This evening the floor is open to members with interesting stories to tell that will prevent other people having similar Adventures.  How many stories do you have?  We start the ball rolling with “Bernie’s Summer” and “Stuart sails to Guernsey”.  More details

Wednesday November 9th

Bob and Elaine Hazell

Hongs and Pagodas

Elaine and Bob are back to describe the third leg of their journey around the world on Pipistrelle, before they fly away to start “Leg Four”.  Singapore, Penang, Thailand, Myanmar and lots more in this passage.    More details

Wednesday November 16th

Peter Poole – Oilskins that I have known

Mary Allan – A summer of joy,  …nearly

Two GXSA members speaking this week. Amazingly, Peter still owns all the waterproofs he ever purchased and will tell us their stories. Mary will tell us about a lovely summer trip up the west coast of England, via Ireland and Scotland, that didn’t go completely to plan…    More details

Wednesday November 23rd

John Barry

The How and Why of Tides

Tides have a major effect on our time on the water and vary greatly around the world. Why do they happen and how do different tidal periods arise. How are tide tables predicted and why are the tidal streams always in the wrong direction for us..?   More details

Wednesday November 30th

Bob Shepton

Sailing and Climbing

Rev. Bob Shepton returns to give us an account of a further expedition, sailing and climbing in Greenland and Baffin Island with his team of star top climbers. The talk is presented with slides and an excellent film of the expedition.   More details

Wednesday December 7th

Malcolm Thorpe

Bembridge Harbour

Bembridge harbour – Visited by Many,  Known by Few.  Malcolm and his wife Fiona bought the harbour in 2011. He will tell us about the history and future of this important part of English heritage More details

Wednesday March 16th

Bernie and Stuart

Cast-Off for Christmas

All the usual fun and entertainment for GXSA members and their guests, with mulled wine. Photo competition in Boats and Sailing, Scenic and Humorous categories; please make prints no larger than A5.  Click here for GXSA Song lyrics

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