2014-01-08 – Wednesday – Jeremy Batch

GXSA Talk:          Wednesday January 8th

Jeremy Batch   ”Invaders, Explorers and Shipbuilders”

 We are privileged that the renowned speaker Jeremy Batch has agreed to start our 2014 season of talks.

Jeremy, you may recall, has been to GXSA three times previously and on each occasion he has thrilled us with an excellent well researched and prepared historical talk exploiting PowerPoint to the full.

This time his theme is ‘Invaders, Explorers and early Shipbuilders on the Thames and Medway’. In this illustrated glimpse of history he will mention some little known conundrums such as:

  • Why was the Archbishop of Canterbury murdered at Greenwich Yacht Club ?
  • How did the Dutch sneak up the Medway to raid Chatham ?
  • How did Olaf the Viking make London Bridge fall down ?

Come and join us and have the answers explained. It will be a great and memorable evening — a proven antidote to miserable January weather and ‘Boat Show Blues’.

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